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SpaceClaim 2011 Available by the end of January!
Press Release: Tyco Electronics Selects SpaceClaim
January Webinar: SpaceClaim 2011 Preview
Event: Pacific Design & Manufacturing Show
Media Coverage: Discovery Channel Features Electric Bike Being Designed with SpaceClaim
Media Coverage: Florida Institute of Technology use of SpaceClaim for UNESCO Satellite Profiled (Fast Company)
Media Coverage: ANSYS Advantage Newsletter Profiles How Schramm, Inc., uses the ANSYS SpaceClaim Direct Modeler
SpaceClaim 2011 Available by end of January!
SpaceClaim 2011 will be available on Monday, January 31st. All customers with an active Subscription Services agreement will be notified directly when the release is ready to download. This new version of SpaceClaim includes many new features and enhancements in the areas of modeling, model preparation, sheet metal, and interoperability, and also includes enhancements to the API.

We are also pleased to announce that TraceParts, a leading digital engineering 3D content company, will be available to all SpaceClaim users from within SpaceClaim for no additional charge. The CAD portal is freely available to millions of CAD users worldwide, with more than 200 manufacturer catalogs and 100 million CAD drawings and related technical data suitable for design, purchasing, manufacturing, or maintenance processes.

We are conducting a webinar to preview SpaceClaim 2011 on Wednesday, January 19th, at 11AM eastern US time. Sign Up for this Webinar Today! >>
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Press Release: Tyco Electronics Selects SpaceClaim for Global 3D Direct Modeling Solution
Tyco Electronics, a leading provider of engineered electronic components, network solutions, specialty products and undersea telecommunications systems, has selected SpaceClaim Engineer for concept modeling, bid modeling, and model preparation for CAE simulation. SpaceClaim is being deployed as a global, enterprise solution for engineers across all Tyco Electronics business units.
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Media Coverage: Discovery Channel Features Electric Bike Being Designed in SpaceClaim
The Discovery Channel recently ran a segment showing SpaceClaim customer Volke Kommunications Design, GmbH, designing a new electric bike for its customer Volkswagen. "SpaceClaim was the right solution for this project as it included a lot of conceptual work, so I would not have been able to use a history-based system. The flexibility of direct modeling was a significant advantage as I designed the Volkswagen Electric Bike with SpaceClaim," said Martin Koppolow, Industrial Designer and Researcher at Volke. ... Watch the Video Clip >>
Media Coverage: Florida Institute of Technology Designs Satellite Payload with SpaceClaim
Fast Company editor, Ariel Schwartz, profiles how the Florida Institute of Technology used SpaceClaim to design a UNESCO Satellite payload that researchers hope will help turn astronaut poop into power supply. The story stresses the ease of use of SpaceClaim and how quickly students were productive with the software. "A student may work on [the project] during the semester, then get busy and have to move on. Other students could pick up and move forward with the software," said Donald Platt, the Program Director for the Space Sciences and Space Systems Program at the Florida Institute of Technology. Read the customer profile of the school's work with SpaceClaim. ... Find Out More >>
Media Coverage: ANSYS Advantage Newsletter Profiles How Schramm, Inc., uses the ANSYS SpaceClaim
Direct Modeler

ANSYS SpaceClaim Direct Modeler software is equipped with a suite of CAD and neutral file translators that are highly robust, providing a geometry model that is easy to work with and de-feature. Schramm engineers can quickly identify any technical issues that may exist after import using Repair Tab tools, such as Stitch, Missing Faces, and Gaps commands. High-quality geometry models prepared in ANSYS SpaceClaim Direct Modeler reduce complications such as poor mesh quality downstream in the analysis process. ANSYS customers can get more details about ANSYS SpaceClaim Direct Modeler from their ANSYS sales representative.
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January Webinar: SpaceClaim 2011 Preview
SpaceClaim Engineer 2011, our seventh release and most powerful release yet, continues to drive fast and cost-effective engineering-driven product development. SpaceClaim Engineer 2011 builds on features that enable engineers to leverage 3D for concept modeling, bid modeling, and model preparation. This webinar showcases product enhancements that expedite upfront concept modeling, save time and money, and foster innovation. New capabilities range from increasingly accessible surfacing, assembly and model preparation enhancements to strengthened sheet metal and CAD interoperability features. Discover these and more in SpaceClaim Engineer 2011.
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Events: Pacific Design & Manufacturing Show
Drop by booth 3547 if you plan to be at the Pacific Design & Manufacturing Show taking place in Anaheim, CA, at the Anaheim Convention Center, February 8-10, 2011. You can see the most recent version of SpaceClaim in action.
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