You are receiving this email as a Internet Business Systems Subscriber on behalf of ARC Technology =============================================================================== ============================= ARC Technology Buzz June 2011 ============================= Join the conversation: ARC Technology on twitter: ARC Technology on Facebook: ARC Technology on YouTube: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Customer Spotlight: BP BP Uses ishipdocs The unique document management needs for training departments at large companies pose many organizational challenges. And BP is no different. With almost 80,000 employees in 29 countries, BP has over 22,000 locations. Getting sophisticated training materials created, printed, and delivered can be daunting. And expensive. The UK-based Learning Department at BP has had to learn a thing or two about overcoming these document challenges. Read more > ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Featured Product PlanWell Collaborate - Pure Cloud Collaboration PlanWell Collaborate is an intuitive, cost-effective cloud project collaboration application designed for Project Managers in AEC. PlanWell Collaborate is a cost effective and easy-to-use cloud collaboration application which accelerates AEC project team coordination and document sharing. Watch a Customer Testimonial > Download the Product Sheet > ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Track and Reduce Print Costs Changing Print Behavior Tracking of how much you printed and copied shouldn't be hard. And getting reimbursed for those costs are an important part of your accounting efforts. AbacusPCR makes this process quick and easy for you and your staff. Watch the video > ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To readers of the ARC Technology Buzz It gives me great pleasure to write a quick note for our 1st news bulletin. We have been servicing your needs for over 10 years now with Products like Planwell, Abacus, MetaPrint, Collaborate and ishipdocs. As many of you know we have also been providing software as a service, Infrastructure as a service, and platform as a service for many years now. I am very excited to launch this newsletter, as it will provide a great way for us to keep you informed about all the great things we have in store for you in the months ahead. In this issue we have given you a flavor for some of these items including the new release of Abacus, the new ishipdocs services and some customer success stories. Let's get IT done! Rahul Roy CTO =============================================================================== You are subscribed as [_EMAIL_]. If you no longer want to receive news from our MCAD sponsors but want to continue receiving other MCAD newsletters, please visit Otherwise, if your email client supports HTML, please change your format preference to "HTML" for the best viewing experience. To change your personalized CafeNews mailing subscription, go to Copyright (c) 2018. Internet Business Systems, Inc. All rights reserved