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“We have to slip the schedule”

Sound familiar?

You're not alone. Studies have shown that over 50% of products experience delays often caused by miscommunication, he said/she said, creeping features, supplier issues, and unclear directions, documentation, or information.

At CoCreate, we believe we can help you stay on track without charging an arm and a leg OR sending in an army of consultants.

Here’s how we’ve helped companies just like yours…

  • Electrolux:  Reduced product development time by 79%

  • Harbec Plastics:  Reduced tooling design time by 50%

  • Elkay:  Reduced time to market by 75%

Next time, meet your schedule and get your product out on time., a new generation of collaboration software is designed to help you and your product development teams effectively manage projects.

With you can...

Create Dynamic Teams:  Set up new project teams, add a new supplier or call in an expert, all in about 10 minutes. Post all project-related documents in a single, secure place.

Communicate Instantly: includes secure instant messaging, chat, real-time meetings and application sharing. It's integrated with Microsoft Outlook, making it easy to schedule and join online meetings.

Manage Tasks:  Following a meeting, you can assign and track tasks using Microsoft Outlook.

Document Decisions:  Easily capture decisions, mark-ups and ideas. Record commitments to maintain accountability.