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High Quality CAD and Blueprint Scanner Systems
All Colortrac scanners are ideal for scanning CAD drawings, blueprints or any wide format technical document.
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At Colortrac, our business is your image. That’s why, as the leading innovators in wide format scanning, our new SmartLF SC series scanner contains revolutionary technology that delivers you superior image quality.

At the heart of the SC Series scanner is Colortrac’s latest invention, the SingleSensor. This innovative full width, straight line image sensor produces an unbeatably accurate image, whatever the condition of your original document. Even if your document is folded, creased or crumpled, with the SC Series scanner the image quality is always exceptional.

Video: Colortrac SC Xpress Series Scanner contains revolutionary technology that delivers superior image quality whatever the condition of the original document.
Scanning your technical documents using a SmartLF Xpress wide format scanner – key benefits
  • Sharp, accurate scans suited to technical documents like CAD drawings / blueprints
  • Advanced paper transport and illumination systems mean that even folded CAD drawings / blueprints scan sharp and shadow free.
  • High 600 or 1200 dpi optical resolution – enough for scanning any technical document.
  • Choice of scanner widths up to 56″ (142.3 cm) – scan documents up to E+ and A0+ in size.
  • Ready for use within seconds of power on – no warm-up, no waiting.
  • Fast mono and color scan speeds.
  • Low cost to buy, economic to run.
  • Upgradeable models: m (monochrome), c (color) and e (express color) – buy what you need when you need it and upgrade by email.
  • Simple to use SmartWorks TOUCH software included with the scanner lets you scan to PDF, TIFF or JPG formats and make copies of your documents on any Windows printer.
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Software: Key benefits of scanning your technical documents using Colortrac SmartWorks Pro software
SmartWorks Pro guides you quickly through the Scan-once workflow and the many other advanced features of this highly productive scanning application.
SmartWorks Pro guides you quickly through the Scan-once workflow and the many other advanced features of this highly productive scanning application.
  • Interactive Intelligent Adaptive Thresholding cleans up your dirty CAD drawings and blueprints better and faster – you can set threshold values on the fly without the need for time-wasting prescans.
  • “Scan-it-once” philosophy – simply scan a document, check it and make any adjustments to the scan settings. There’s no need to rescan, giving you a huge workflow advantage. More information about SmartWorks Pro software
Original Image Image after scanning on a Colortrac scanner and clean-up with Colortrac Software SmartWorks Pro
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About Paradigm Imaging Group
Paradigm Imaging Group is the North American distributor for Colortrac, Inc. Since 1989, Paradigm Imaging Group has been a leading distributor of large format solutions serving clients in a wide variety of industries including reprographics, sign production, AEC, and public agencies at all levels of government.
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