You are receiving this email as an Internet Business Systems Subscriber on behalf of DS SolidWorks =============================================================================== Let's Go Design - An Interactive Web Series Episode #4: Weldment and Metal Fabrication With every episode, we are getting closer to the final prototype of our Hot Rod Baby Buggy. Last time, we talked about propulsion technology. In this episode, Jeremy starts designing the chassis using weldment featuares and sketch techniques. He also visits a metal fabrication shop to learn about some of the methods that'll further help in building our project. The topics we cover in Episode #4 are: Building the chassis: Jeremy builds the base of the chassis from scratch, using weldment functions in SolidWorks. He gets an exact representation of the parts in 3D to visualize how things will look, fit, and behave. Metal fabrication shop visit: We order a custom welded frame for the chassis. And also take a look at the precision pieces for our baby buggy tank treads. Community vote: Should we design our baby cockpit like the retractable top of a convertible sports car or a fighter plane? Watch Episode #4 now at Learn more about Weldments and Sheet Metal Design features in SolidWorks. This is a commercial email to promote the products and services of Dassault Systemes SolidWorks Corp. To change the types of communications you receive, or to discontinue receiving email from Dassault Systemes SolidWorks Corp., please use this link: Terms of use Privacy Policy Piracy Prevention License Agreement =============================================================================== You are subscribed as [_EMAIL_]. If you no longer want to receive news from our MCAD sponsors but want to continue receiving other MCAD newsletters, please visit Otherwise, if your email client supports HTML, please change your format preference to "HTML" for the best viewing experience. To change your personalized CafeNews mailing subscription, go to Copyright (c) 2018. Internet Business Systems, Inc. All rights reserved