FEA Information Engineering Solutions Volume 7 Issue 02, February 2018 PopularFEA Information Inc. 20822-Feb-2018
FEAInformation Monthly Newsletter | February 2020 PopularFEA Information Inc. 14327-Mar-2020
Fluid Dynamics Brochure PopularANSYS 59731-Aug-2012
3D Numerical Analysis of an ACL Reconstructed Knee SIMULIA 109-Jul-2011
A Finite Element Model for TBC Damage Detection and Lifetime Prediction SIMULIA 027-May-2011
A Study of Transient Dynamics with Frictional Contact: Oblique Elastic Impact of Spheres SIMULIA 009-Jul-2011
A Survey of ABAQUS Simulations in Technip USA Deepwater Pipeline Engineering SIMULIA 109-Jul-2011
ABAQUS for Package Development at Procter & Gamble SIMULIA 109-Jul-2011
Abaqus-based verification of the Rayleigh damping matrix in dynamic analyses for NPP civil structures SIMULIA 209-Jul-2011
Accelerated Simulation Performance through High Performance Computing for Advanced Sealing Applications SIMULIA 009-Jul-2011
Achieving a more Accurate Prediction of a Polymer Snap Deformation Pattern SIMULIA 109-Jul-2011
Advanced Body in White Architecture Optimization SIMULIA 209-Jul-2011
Advanced Material Modeling in a Virtual Biomechanical Knee SIMULIA 209-Jul-2011
Advanced simulation of 3D glass bottle forming with Abaqus/CAE, Abaqus/Standard and Abaqus/Explicit SIMULIA 109-Jul-2011
Advances in Mining Simulation SIMULIA 409-Jul-2011
Aluminum Bottle Forming Simulation with Abaqus SIMULIA 309-Jul-2011
An Evaluation of the Pro/ENGINEER Associative Interface for Abaqus/CAE SIMULIA 109-Jul-2011
Analysis of Casing Connections Subjected to Thermal Cycle Loading SIMULIA 209-Jul-2011
Analysis of Casing Deformations in Thermal Wells SIMULIA 009-Jul-2011
Analysis of Thaw Subsidence Impacts on Production Wells SIMULIA 009-Jul-2011
Analyzing Geomechanical Effects while Drilling Salt Wells through Numerical Modeling SIMULIA 109-Jul-2011
ANSA & μETA: Introducing Highly-Efficient CAE Pre- and Post-Processing Solutions in Maritime Design BETA CAE Systems SA 219-Nov-2011
Application of a Newer Inter-Fiber-Failure Criteria on CFRPs in Aero Engine Development SIMULIA 009-Jul-2011
Aspects of Modelling Skin and Hair During Shaving SIMULIA 009-Jul-2011
AutoFEM Analysis AutoFEM Software 215-Jun-2010
Axisymmetric analysis of bolted disc brake assembly to evaluate thermal stresses SIMULIA 409-Jul-2011
Benefits of Simulation Process Automation for Automotive Applications SIMULIA 009-Jul-2011
Biomechanical study of a drop foot brace SIMULIA 109-Jul-2011
Bone Remodeling Response During Mastication on Free-End Removable Prosthesis – a 3D Finite Element Analysis SIMULIA 109-Jul-2011
Bottle Conveying Simulation SIMULIA 209-Jul-2011
Boundary Condition Influences on Shank Stress in 3D Solid Bolt Simulation SIMULIA 309-Jul-2011
Ceramic Total Hip Liner Fracture Modeling in Abaqus using co-Simulation and Extended Finite Element Modeling SIMULIA 109-Jul-2011
Collaborative Engineering Process For Multidisciplinary Optimization Of A Gas Turbine Component SIMULIA 009-Jul-2011
Composite Crush Simulation – Emerging Technologies And Methodologies SIMULIA 009-Jul-2011
Coupled Euler Lagrangian Approach Using Abaqus /Explicit in the Bird Strike Aircraft Damage Analysis SIMULIA 424-May-2011
Coupled Fluid / Structure Interaction Simulation Using Abaqus CEL SIMULIA 709-Jul-2011
Crash Prediction for Marine Engine Systems SIMULIA 009-Jul-2011
Crash Prediction for Marine Engine Systems Presented at the 2008 Abaqus Users’ Conference SIMULIA 009-Jul-2011
Design of an Expandable Base Pipe Using a Genetic Algorithm-Based Multi-Objective Optimization Method SIMULIA 109-Jul-2011
Design of Different Types of Corrugated Board Packages Using Finite Element Tools SIMULIA 109-Jul-2011
Design Optimization In Vibro-Acoustic Design Of Hearing Instruments SIMULIA 009-Jul-2011
Determination of Critical Flaw Size in Gun Launched 40mm Grenade SIMULIA 209-Jul-2011
Development of a Beta Function Based Topology Optimization Procedure SIMULIA 424-May-2011
Development of Advanced HIII Abaqus Dummies SIMULIA 209-Jul-2011
Dynamic Response in a Pipe String during Drop-Catch in a Wellbore SIMULIA 009-Jul-2011
Engine Downsizing - An Analysis Perspective SIMULIA 309-Jul-2011
Enhancing Simulation Value using Abaqus with SIMULIA SLM - A Customer’s Perspective SIMULIA 109-Jul-2011
Estimating Acoustic Performance of a Cell Phone Speaker Using Abaqus SIMULIA 009-Jul-2011
Evaluating Hearing Protection Comfort Through Computer Modeling SIMULIA 009-Jul-2011
Evaluation of Stress and Strain Induced by the Rock Compaction on a Hydrocarbon Well Completion Using Contact Interfaces with Abaqus SIMULIA 009-Jul-2011
Evaluation of Wave Barriers on Ground Vibration Reduction through Numerical Modeling in Abaqus SIMULIA 109-Jul-2011
Failure Analysis of a 105mm Fin Deployment Mechanism SIMULIA 009-Jul-2011
Failure Analysis of World Trade Center 5 SIMULIA 109-Jul-2011
Fast AND Reliable CFD Solutions ANSYS 3715-Jun-2011
Fatigue Considerations of High Strength Rolling Bearing Steels SIMULIA 109-Jul-2011
Fatigue equivalent loads for visualization of multi-modal dynamic simulations SIMULIA 009-Jul-2011
Fatigue Life Estimation Of A Non-Linear System Due To Random Vibration SIMULIA 709-Jul-2011
Fatigue Life Estimation of Nitinol Medical Devices SIMULIA 109-Jul-2011
FE Analysis of Firearm Locking Systems SIMULIA 109-Jul-2011
FEA Information Engineering Solutions Volume 7 Issue 01, January 2018 FEA Information Inc. 2824-Jan-2018
FEA Information Engineering Solutions Volume 7 Issue 11, November2018 FEA Information Inc. 2026-Nov-2018
FEA Information Engineering Solutions Volume 8 Issue 1, January 2019 FEA Information Inc. 1824-Jan-2019
FEA Information Engineering Solutions Volume 8 Issue 3, March 2019 FEA Information Inc. 2726-Mar-2019
FEA Information Engineering Solutions Volume 8 Issue 5, May 2019 FEA Information Inc. 6223-May-2019
FEA Information Engineering Solutions Volume 7 Issue 03, March 2018 FEA Information Inc. 3328-Mar-2018
FEA Information Engineering Solutions Volume 7 Issue 04, April 2018 FEA Information Inc. 3024-Apr-2018
FEA Information Engineering Solutions Volume 7 Issue 05, May 2018 FEA Information Inc. 2423-May-2018
FEA Information Engineering Solutions Volume 7 Issue 07, July 2018 FEA Information Inc. 1824-Jul-2018
FEA Information Engineering Solutions Volume 7 Issue 12, December2018 FEA Information Inc. 802-Jan-2019
FEA Information Engineering Solutions Volume 7, Issue 08, August 2018 FEA Information Inc. 4929-Aug-2018
FEA Information Engineering Solutions Volume 7, Issue 10, October 2018 FEA Information Inc. 3725-Oct-2018
FEA Information Engineering Solutions Volume 8 Issue 8,August2019 FEA Information Inc. 3723-Aug-2019
FEA Information Engineering Solutions Volume 8 Issue 7, July 2019 FEA Information Inc. 1524-Jul-2019
FEA Information Engineering Solutions Volume 8, Issue 4, April 2019 FEA Information Inc. 623-Apr-2019
FEA Information Engineering Solutions Volume 8, Issue 2, February2019 FEA Information Inc. 4121-Feb-2019
FEA Information Engineering Solutions, Volume 8 Issue 10, October 2019 FEA Information Inc. 816-Oct-2019
FEA Information Engineering Solutions, Volume 8 Issue 12, December 2019 FEA Information Inc. 630-Dec-2019
FEA Information Engineering SolutionsVolume 8 Issue 6, June 2019 FEA Information Inc. 1521-Jun-2019
FEA Modelling of Expandable Sand Screens SIMULIA 009-Jul-2011
FEA Modelling of Expandable Sand Screens Interactions with Rock Formations SIMULIA 009-Jul-2011
Fea Of A Proximal Humerus Fracture With A Fixation Plate SIMULIA 209-Jul-2011
FEA of Prosthetic Lens Insertion During Cataract Surgery SIMULIA 209-Jul-2011
FEAInformation Monthly Newsletter | April 2020 FEA Information Inc. 2708-Apr-2020
FEAInformation Monthly Newsletter | April2020 FEA Information Inc. 223-Apr-2020
FEAInformation Monthly Newsletter | March 2020 FEA Information Inc. 3026-Mar-2020
FEAInformation Monthly Newsletter | May 2020 FEA Information Inc. 1408-Jun-2020
Finite Element Modeling of the Human Foot and Footwear SIMULIA 409-Jul-2011
Finite Element Modelling Of Blade Thermoelastic Stress Analysis Results SIMULIA 309-Jul-2011
Finite Element Modelling Techniques And Testing Methods Of Submerged Pipes SIMULIA 209-Jul-2011
Finite Element Prediction of Progressively Formed Conical Stockpiles SIMULIA 009-Jul-2011
Full cycle stochastic analysis of composite structures under buckling loads. Design & manufacturing scatter SIMULIA 027-May-2011
Full Scale Ship Collision Simulation Using ANSA & μETA BETA CAE Systems SA 719-Nov-2011
GM BoltStudio: A Suite of Extensions to Abaqus/CAE for Simulating Bolted Assemblies at General Motors SIMULIA 1109-Jul-2011
Guidelines and Parameter Selection for the Simulation of Progressive Delamination SIMULIA 027-May-2011
High-performance Abaqus simulations in soil mechanics SIMULIA 309-Jul-2011
How Can We Make Best…Better: Using Abaqus and Isight to Optimize Tools for Downhole Expandable Tubulars SIMULIA 309-Jul-2011
Impact Analysis and Dynamic Response of a 40mm Sensor Grenade SIMULIA 109-Jul-2011
Improvements In Fea Of Composite Overwrapped Pressure Vessels SIMULIA 627-May-2011
Interaction between Short Surface Cracks and Residual Stress Field in Shot Peened Titanium Samples SIMULIA 009-Jul-2011
Investigation of Candidate Features For Crack Detection in Fan and Turbine Blades and Disks SIMULIA 109-Jul-2011
Isight-Abaqus Optimization of a Ring-Stiffened Cylinder SIMULIA 609-Jul-2011
Lateral Torsional Buckling of Long Span Suspension Bridge: Geometrically Nonlinear Analysis Under Wind Load SIMULIA 309-Jul-2011
Lowest Cost Printer Chassis Design That Would Pass A Series Of Transportation Drop Tests, Utilizing Design Of Experiments In Conjunction With Abaqus/ Explicit Analysis SIMULIA 109-Jul-2011
Material Modeling of Polylactide SIMULIA 009-Jul-2011
Micromechanics-Based Structural Analysis (FEAMAC) and Multiscale Visualization within Abaqus/CAE Environment SIMULIA 427-May-2011
Migration of Crash Simulation Software at BMW SIMULIA 009-Jul-2011
Minneapolis I-35W Bridge Collapse – Engineering Evaluations and Finite Element Analyses SIMULIA 209-Jul-2011
Modeling and Simulation of Engraving and Gun Launch of a 40mm Sensor Grenade SIMULIA 009-Jul-2011
Modeling Respiratory Motion for Cancer Radiation Therapy Based on Patient-specific 4DCT Data SIMULIA 109-Jul-2011
Modeling the Creep Behavior of Torsional Springs SIMULIA 209-Jul-2011
Modelling and Analysis of Welding Processes in Abaqus using the Virtual Fabrication Technology (VFT) Analysis Software developed by Battelle and Caterpillar Inc SIMULIA 1727-May-2011
Modelling of an Improvement Device for a Tension Test Machine in Crippling Tests SIMULIA 027-May-2011
Modelling Solder Joint Reliability Of Bga Packages Subject To Drop Impact Loading Using Submodelling SIMULIA 309-Jul-2011
Multi-Physics Analysis of a Refractory Metal AC-Operated High Temperature Heater with Abaqus SIMULIA 109-Jul-2011
Nonlinear Dynamic Earthquake Analysis of Skyscrapers by ABAQUS SIMULIA 509-Jul-2011
Novel Approach to Conducting Blast Load Analyses Using Abaqus/Explicit-CEL SIMULIA 109-Jul-2011
Numerical Analysis of Punching Shear Failure of Reinforced Concrete Slabs SIMULIA 109-Jul-2011
Numerical Study of Metal Fatigue in a Superelastic Anchoring Stent Embedded in a Hyperelastic Tube SIMULIA 009-Jul-2011
On Nonlinear Buckling and Collapse Analysis using Riks Method SIMULIA 409-Jul-2011
Onset of levitation in thrust bearing: FSI study using Abaqus-FlowVision coupling SIMULIA 009-Jul-2011
Optimization Module for Abaqus/CAE based on Genetic Algorithm SIMULIA 409-Jul-2011
Origami with Abaqus SIMULIA 109-Jul-2011
Paper Flow Simulation Using Abaqus SIMULIA 009-Jul-2011
Performance of an office building in fire SIMULIA 109-Jul-2011
Periprosthetic Stress Shielding In Patello-Femoral Arthroplasty: A Numerical Analysis SIMULIA 009-Jul-2011
Post-Cracking Behaviour Of A Wind Turbine Concrete Tower SIMULIA 109-Jul-2011
Prediction of residual stresses in bridge roller bearings using Abaqus SIMULIA 009-Jul-2011
Predictive Crashworthiness Simulation in a Virtual Design Process without Hardware Testing SIMULIA 109-Jul-2011
Preliminary Design of a Composite Wing-sail SIMULIA 027-May-2011
Probabilistic Simulation Applications in Product Design SIMULIA 509-Jul-2011
Regarding Influences of Production Processes on Material Parameters in Fatigue Life Prediction SIMULIA 009-Jul-2011
Seismic Response of Floating Roof Storage Tanks Contact Pressure Analysis SIMULIA 409-Jul-2011
Shape Memory Material Manufacturing Design Optimization and Stress Analysis SIMULIA 109-Jul-2011
Ship Global Model Simulation Under Sagging Loading Conditions Using ANSA & μETA BETA CAE Systems SA 2819-Nov-2011
Simulation Life Cycle Management as Tool to Enhance Product Development and its Decision-Making Process for Powertrain Applications SIMULIA 009-Jul-2011
Simulation of a Vehicle Hood in Aluminum and Steel SIMULIA 909-Jul-2011
Simulation of Lumbar Spine Biomechanics Using Abaqus SIMULIA 509-Jul-2011
Simulation of Multi-Pass Welds Using ABAQUS 2D Weld GUI and Comparison with Experimental Results SIMULIA 009-Jul-2011
Simulation of the Forming Process of Liquid Filled Packages Using Coupled Eulerian-Lagrangian Approach SIMULIA 309-Jul-2011
Skid against Curb Simulation using Abaqus/Explicit SIMULIA 209-Jul-2011
Sloshing of Cylindrical Tank due to Seismic Acceleration SIMULIA 709-Jul-2011
Spring Orthosis Analysis – Finite element modeling and optimization of a composite material SIMULIA 009-Jul-2011
Steam Turbine Start-Up Optimization Tool Based On Abaqus And Python Scripting SIMULIA 209-Jul-2011
Structural And Motion System Dynamic Analysis Of A Two-Axes Solar Tracker Under Wind Action SIMULIA 109-Jul-2011
Structural Design, Analysis, and Testing of an Expandable Lunar Habitat SIMULIA 109-Jul-2011
Structural Simulation Of A Horizontal Pressure Vessel For Predicting Stress Under Extreme Weather Conditions SIMULIA 009-Jul-2011
Study of a Diaper on a Moving Baby using ABAQUS SIMULIA 009-Jul-2011
Successful Development of Coiled-Tubing Connectors Using Virtual Testing SIMULIA 009-Jul-2011
Superposition of Cohesive Elements to Account for R-Curve Toughening in the Fracture of Composites SIMULIA 009-Jul-2011
Terminator meets Simulator: CGI Tools used to drive a Virtual Product Evaluation SIMULIA 309-Jul-2011
The application of ABAQUS in seismic analysis of connected structures SIMULIA 709-Jul-2011
The Dependency of Hollow Ball Deformation on Material Properties SIMULIA 009-Jul-2011
The Effects of Overload on the Fatigue Life SIMULIA 309-Jul-2011
The Engineering Practice of Elasto-plastic Dynamic Time-history Analysis on Complex Building Structures Using Abaqus SIMULIA 109-Jul-2011
The Fluid-Structure Interaction and Thermal Stress Evolution Models in FLOW-3D Flow Science, Inc. 319-Aug-2011
The μETA post-processor CompositePost Toolbar BETA CAE Systems SA 923-Oct-2012
Threaded and Coupled Connector Analysis Using Abaqus CAXA SIMULIA 409-Jul-2011
TIMO Structural CAE Orlovsoft 631-Jan-2012
Tire Performance Evaluation For Severe Snow Traction SIMULIA 009-Jul-2011
Transient Heat Transfer Analysis of High Speed Train Disc Brake Systems SIMULIA 009-Jul-2011
User Subroutine For Compressive Failure Of Composites SIMULIA 409-Jul-2011
Using ABAQUS Cracktip Submodels to Investigate Cracking in Conventional Power Generation Plant SIMULIA 209-Jul-2011
Using Abaqus For Reliability Analysis By Directional Simulation SIMULIA 609-Jul-2011
Using Abaqus/Explicit To Model Polymeric Thin-Film Mechanical Property Changes Due To Embossing SIMULIA 009-Jul-2011
Validation of Abaqus Explicit – CEL for classes of problems of interest to the U.S. Army SIMULIA 509-Jul-2011
Vehicle Fatigue Load Prediction based on Finite Element TIRE/ROAD Interaction implemented in an Integrated Implicit-Explicit Approach SIMULIA 109-Jul-2011
WhitePaper: Design Validation of Automotive Systems - Benefits using SolidWorks Simulation EGS Computers India Private Limited 208-Feb-2010
X-FEM for Abaqus (XFA) Toolkit for Automated Crack Onset and Growth Simulations SIMULIA 209-Jul-2011
XFEM Modeling of Mixed-Mode Cracks in Thin Aluminum Panels SIMULIA 109-Jul-2011
“Drop-Test” FSI Simulation With Abaqus And Flowvision Based On The Direct 2-Way Coupling Approach SIMULIA 009-Jul-2011
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