GISi Implements a Hybrid GIS Solution for Roanoke County, Virginia
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GISi Implements a Hybrid GIS Solution for Roanoke County, Virginia

Leveraging tailored state and local government applications for easy access to city data.

Birmingham, Alabama, April 23, 2014 – GISi developed a hybrid GIS solution for Roanoke County, Virginia utilizing and extending state and local government applications offered within Esri’s ArcGIS for Local Government. The county’s updated web-based GIS solution is a suite of applications based on Esri’s ArcGIS for Server (10.1) technology to provide quick and easy access to the wealth of data maintained by the county.

Among the Esri templates the county adopted is the Tax Parcel Viewer ( TaxView), the Election Polling Places app ( VoterView) and the My Government Services app ( GovView). GISi customized each template to achieve a tailored solution for the county. The Tax Parcel Viewer is enhanced to include customized zoning information, inserting a more localized broadband availability feed, and links into a new reporting engine developed specifically for Roanoke County.

The county worked with GISi to develop a more contemporary version of a legacy web application that could be consumed on any device. GISi OneView delivers a rich user experience while offering an intuitive and simple interface that was designed specifically to respond to the variable screen real estate available across all supported devices. The GISi OneView framework represents a JavaScript/HTML5 application that is highly configurable, flexible and extendable.

Both GISi OneView and the enhanced version of the Esri Tax Parcel Viewer were developed to leverage a custom property reporting engine that offers the most interactive reports available, with dynamic content control available to users. The viewer offers a simple interface through which end users can select the type of content to be included in the resulting report (PDF) via check boxes. Users can opt to include information related to the parcel, building, services (geoevents-based analysis), multiple maps (StreetView, Pictometry, ArcGIS Server, etc.) or even sketches and photos.

David Wray, GIS Manager at Roanoke County said “We accomplished our goals in creating the new website by sharing GIS quickly with our citizens and employees. We empowered the end-user to make smarter decisions, access maps from any device, anywhere, and at any time. Users can view and analyze Roanoke County from every angle using the latest in technology. Using GIS, we have saved hundreds of work hours in field data collection, provided better customer service through quick access to information and helped locate and rescue lost and injured hikers on the Appalachian Trail. We have only scraped the tip of the iceberg in using GIS technology; now we are ready to further implement Enterprise GIS.”

Dawn Siegel, State and Local General Manager at GISi said “Working with Roanoke County has been a pleasure for our team. Their commitment to providing the best technology for the citizens of the county is second to none. Together, we have implemented a hybrid system to help them excel in the future.”

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