New Powerful HD Wi-Fi Video Module from Amp'ed RF
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New Powerful HD Wi-Fi Video Module from Amp'ed RF

SAN JOSE, Calif., Oct. 23, 2017 — (PRNewswire) — Worldwide provider of advanced IoT wireless modules, Amp'ed RF Wireless Technology announces a new integrated WFV3918 video module designed for streaming HD video via Wi-Fi directly to iOS and Android devices.  Amp'ed RF provides Bluetooth, video, Wi-Fi, and combo IoT integrated circuits (IC) and modules to the automotive, consumer electronics, wearable, audio, health, toy, drone and defense industries.

"The market for Wi-Fi-enabled video devices is expanding exponentially," said Kelly Simone, president and chief technology officer of Amp'ed RF Wireless Technology. "We provide a solution that makes it fast and easy to deploy streaming video to devices."

"Combining an HD camera sensor, powerful Linux image processor, and our dual band Wi-Fi chip, this module offers video streaming and local SDIO card storage. Plus, it's all pre-certified," said Naz Usmani, vice president of sales at Amp'ed RF. "It creates an affordable optimal HD video module that allows integrators the building blocks to stream video in real time to iOS and Android devices."

WFW3918 combines a HD CMOS camera (1080x720p @ 30 fps), a dual-band Wi-Fi SoC (chip) and SD storage onto a circuit board about the size of large postage stamp, enabling designers to create small footprint video Wi-Fi devices. The electronics design experts at Amp'ed RF fine-tuned the interoperability of the circuitry while providing Linux and Android support.

Video :

WFV3918 can show a precise view up to 180 meters away with extreme accuracy making it ideal for drones, video surveillance, law enforcement body cams, facial recognition, factory safety, baby cams, dash cams and other remote video applications.

"For example, with a drone hovering over 100 feet above a golf course, you could easily make out the golf ball on the green," says Usmani who refers to WFW3918 as a "whole in one" and notes that the module is smaller than the diameter of a golf ball.


Video - 1280x720P, 25 fps with H.264/MJPEG encoding

Amp'ed RF technology is available directly or through Arrow Electronics.

About Amp'ed RF

Amp'ed RF was founded in San Jose, California in 2009 and quickly grew to an international provider of wireless chips, modules, system integration and protocol stacks with facilities co-located in Tianjin, China and San Jose, California. The company offers a vast range of low-cost, high-quality ICs and modules.

For more information contact:

Phone +1-408-406-8717 PST

Contact: Naz Usmani

Note the diameter of a golf ball is 42.67 mm, dimensions of module are listed as Size: 22 mm x 33.8 mm


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