AEgis Technologies Exhibiting Full Spectrum Simulation at I/ITSEC Conference, Orlando, FL
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AEgis Technologies Exhibiting Full Spectrum Simulation at I/ITSEC Conference, Orlando, FL

Huntsville, Alabama (November 26, 2019) – AEgis Technologies is exhibiting at the I/ITSEC Conference Dec 2-6 in Orlando, FL, in booth #2300. The theme for this year’s show is “Full Spectrum Simulation,” featuring Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and High Fidelity Synthetic Training Environment specific 3D Content.

Demonstration Areas include a VR Small Arms tactical engagement, an AEgis Elements VR 3D model comparison, AEgis Elements AR-CARD Application Demonstration (Download at online stores), AR Active Shooter Demonstration, and a Virtual Stinger Trainer (VST) Product / Reconfigurable Virtual Trainer (RVT) Carl Gustaf & Stinger Weapons Product Demonstration.

Virtual Stinger Trainer™ (Vst)

The VST is the first and only fielded Virtual Reality based MANPADS training device which readily supports portable or fixed location training for Stinger Team Training. VST provides Stinger Team (Team Leader and Gunner) training within a 360º immersive, realistic battlefield environment to include ground vehicle and Visual Aircraft Recognition (VACR). The robust VST instructor station provides a complete range of instructor defined training vignettes/scenarios that include several terrain types, moving aircraft targets and countermeasures. VST consists of a detailed after-action review (AAR)/scoring presentation of Gunner actions, for example, IFF, super-elevation, correct aim point, etc.

Reconfigurable Virtual Trainer™ (Rvt)

RVT also provides tactical training within a 360º immersive, realistic battlefield environment, to include ground vehicles, combatant targets and VACR. RVT is delivered in ruggedized cases for easy transport and scalable to fit most training needs. RVT’s visual system, weapons, and training assets are untethered and provide full freedom of movement within the training area. RVT allows users to reconfigure each training scenario to target specific training objectives easily.

High-Fidelity 3d Models

AEgis Elements is an extensive top-tier library of realistic 3D model content in multiple fidelity (Levels of Detail) classes. Our models are developed and maintained by the AEgis Technologies Group’s 3D Modeling Center Of Excellence (COE). The 3D COE is a recognized worldwide leader in customized 3D content, multi-platform integration within all areas of simulation, Interactive Multimedia Instruction (IMI), and serious gaming.

About The AEgis Technologies Group, LLC

AEgis Technologies provides advanced engineering solutions for a variety of air and space superiority, directed energy, missile defense, C4ISR, training and simulation, and analytics programs. The Company was founded in 1989 and has served its core customer base as a trusted partner for decades. AEgis employs more than 350 professionals headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama, with additional facilities in New Mexico, Florida, Colorado, Virginia, Rhode Island, and Texas.


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