CGDC: Rock you at AMD DAY!
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CGDC: Rock you at AMD DAY!

SHANGHAI, July 24 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- The Organizing Committee of China Game developers Conference (CGDC) recently announced the schedule of its AMD DAY and the team of speakers who will be giving long-expected speeches on that day. AMD DAY is a special session for AMD, a diamond sponsor of this year's event.

As a leading supplier of game computing platform, AMD not only provides gamers with the ultimate experience of "AMD GAME!" built on its 3A platform (with AMD processor, AMD chipset and AMD graphics), but has also provided technology support in development for game companies. AMD working as the diamond sponsorship of 2nd China GDC reveals its strategy to enhance cooperation with China game developers and provide the advantages in platform technologies to support the growth of game industry.

AMD Corporate Vice President and General Manager of AMD Greater China, Mr. Vanoy Wong remarked, "AMD has paid close attention to the booming growth of China's game industry. The 2nd CGDC offers us various approaches, like display zones and technology sessions to engage in deeper and wider communications with game developers in China. AMD is the company providing platform solutions covering CPUs, GPUs and chipsets; and in addition to our leading technologies in hardware, we also have abounding experience to co- operate with game developers throughout the world. At this year's conference, we will deliver our latest technologies and would like to invite industry professionals to share what we have explored in this fantastic area."

On July 16, technology elites from AMD around the world, as well as representatives of their partners, will share with us their experience and success.

China Game developers Conference - AMD DAY, July 26, 2009, Century Hall of Shanghai International Convention Center.

    Program for AMD DAY:
    China Game Developers Conference - AMD DAY
    July 26, 2009 (Day three)

    Time          Subjects                        Speakers

    10:00-11:00   It's Time to Port Your Game to  Owen Wu,
                   DirectX 11 (An Overview of      Senior ISV Engineer, AMD
                   DirectX 11 and Porting

    11:00-12:00   AMD Tessellation and Cross fire Owen Wu,
                   Programming Tips                Senior ISV Engineer, AMD

                  Lunch Break

    13:00-13:30   Overview of DirectX10, 10.1     Owen Wu,
                   and PerfStudio2                 Senior ISV Engineer, AMD

    13:30-13:50   How to Adapt DX 10.1 in Online  Pengxiang Zeng,
                  Game                             CTO & Vice President,
                                                   Beijing Kylin Network

    13:50-14:20   OpenCL Ecosystem and            John Li,
                   Application                     Project Manager of Stream
                                                   Computing, AMD

    14:20-15:00   AMD multi core programming      Lu Lu,
                   technology and optimization     Senior Software
                   solution based on gaming        Development Engineer,
                   platform                        AMD

    Notes: CGDC is offering chances of even wider and deeper participation in
           this year's event: with a "C" Pass, which is priced at RMB100,
           audience gain access to all the exhibition areas and all the
           quality speeches in the special sponsor sessions, including of
           course AMD DAY.

    About speakers on AMD Day
    Owen Wu, Senior ISV Engineer, AMD

Owen Wu is senior ISV Engineer of AMD's ISV Group, devoting himself to supporting game developers. He assists in technology optimization, tracks bugs, provides training and presents the latest graphic technology to game developers. Before joining AMD, Owen worked in game companies, operating and developing PC games.

Pengxiang Zeng, CTO and Vice President, Beijing Kylin Network Information

Zeng, who is from Hunan China, graduated from Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology. He joined Beijing Cyber World in 2000 as a Senior Programmer. In 2002 he went to Beijing Cyber Pioneer Software to take charge of system architecture design. He became a member of GW Technologies in 2004, as Lead Programmer of its online game team, developing SOUL3D engine. In 2005 he joined Sohu, as System Analyst of online game "Tian Long Ba Bu". Currently he is the CTO of Kylin, as well as General Manager of its R&D Center, in full charge of the company's R&D.

John Li, Project Manager of Stream Computing, AMD

John Li is the Project Manager of Stream Computing at AMD's Shanghai Research and Development Center, devoted to development and application of stream computing. He and his team also joined the development of StreamSDK. They help their clients port algorithms and programs of all types to AMDStream and also give relevant trainings. Before joining AMD, John worked in several graphic chips companies, including ATI and XGI.

Lu Lu, Senior Software Development Engineer, AMD

Dr. Lu Lu is Senior Software Development Engineer of AMD China Engineering Lab, long devoting himself to optimization of application software for AMD CPU, design, development and testing of multi-core architecture. He provided solutions and tunings for AMD-based application software to various large game developers, financial, securities and telecommunication companies. Before joining AMD, Lu Lu was Senior Consultant for Application and Development in Microsoft (China), providing Microsoft solutions for financial, securities and game industries.

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