MIP and Quantorform sign a strategic alliance to offer a complete CAD/CAM/FEA solution for Aluminium Extrusion Die Industry
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MIP and Quantorform sign a strategic alliance to offer a complete CAD/CAM/FEA solution for Aluminium Extrusion Die Industry


May 08, 2012 - MIP Ltd. have announced that it has signed a worldwide strategic alliance with Quantorform to offer a complete CAD/CAM/FEA environment for the Aluminum Extrusion Die Design Technology. MIP and Quantorform are thus responding to the rapidly growing needs of Extrusion Die Makers for better quality, cheaper production and faster time-to-market. The flagship products of both companies, " ExtrusionPower" of MIP and " QForm-Extrusion" of Quantorform will solve the complex design, manufacturing and analysis problems of Aluminium Extrusion Die Makers.


“Manufacturing needs of the Aluminium Extrusion Die makers are growing both in size and sophistication” says MIP's Chief Technology Officer  Dipl. Ing. Sinan Akyar and then continues “Current financial situation with increased competition and price pressure force the Die makers to look for an easier and faster way to produce their Extrusion Dies. Currently, most of the Die makers deploy either only 2D packages or standard 3D solutions to meet this need.  ExtrusionPower and QForm-Extrusion offer rich "Aluminium Extrusion Knowledge" based modern solutions without the complex structures that limit design and manufacturing flexibility. We believe that our easy-to-use and easy-to-learn solution will be used as "The standard CAD/CAM/FEA environment"  in Aluminium Extrusion world".

A complete die of middle level complexity can be fully designed in 3D with ExtrusionPower under 1 hour, including all technical Extrusion specific properties like Bearing lengths, welding chambers, mandrel, webs, ports, related 2D Drawings and others. After the design the die is analyzed with QForm-Extrusion for profile temperatures, uniform exit velocities, required press loads, contact stresses and other conditions. Using this information the user can identify the cause of any flow imbalance and make any necessary corrections performing “what-if” studies to achieve the best performance.

Dr.Sc.Nikolay Biba , Director of Quantorform says " The result of designer work in ExtrusionPower is a solid three dimensional geometric model of the die, which is passed to the QForm-Extrusion for the Finite Elements simulation of metal flow and the virtual adjustment of the die. The designer immediately gets the information about the quality of the designed tool and is able to make necessary changes and test them again for effectiveness in QForm-Extrusion. The proven geometry of the adjusted die is then ready for manufacturing".


Next to big enterprises, the solution are also suited to small and medium-sized businesses, which want to produce cheaper, better and faster, which strive for competitiveness and shorter delivery cycles in global supply chains. Both products could be also subscribed on a yearly rental base. Already several companies dispersed to the whole globe are applying these products in their daily Extrusion Die manufacturing.

About MIP
Founded in 1994, MIP Ltd (abbreviation for "Manufacturing Integration Products") develops and markets CAD/CAM/PDM software for Die Design,  Mechanical Engineering, Manufacturing and Product Data Management, which are the leading edge and easy-to-use. With a broad experience and several hundreds of installations worldwide, MIP distributes, and supports its products through its own offices and a worldwide reseller network.
ExtrusionPower is a knowledge based 3D CAD application for the design of Aluminum Extrusion dies. Featuring a new direct design approach for the creation of complete extrusion die sets, ExtrusionPower is the leading solution for die makers, who are in search of an innovative application.
For the latest news, information or online demonstrations, visit the company's Web site at http://www.mip-group.com

About Quantorform
QuantorForm Ltd. is the leading global provider of the metal forming simulation solutions "QForm 2D/3D" for simulation of metal forming processes and "QForm-Extrusion" for aluminium profile extrusion simulation and optimization. The basis for the QForm finite element software computation core is the metal pressure treatment process simulation using the flow theory. Since the seventies Prof. G.Ya. Gun and his associates have been developing this metal forming simulation approach at the Moscow Steel & Alloys Institute. These works were then developed further as computer simulation software for such processes like rolling, extrusion, and forging. 
QForm-Extrusion is used for simulation of solid, semi-hollow and hollow profiles as well as extrusion through multi-hole dies. The extruded material can be aluminum alloys, brass, steel or other metals.
QForm have been very successful in recent benchmarking tests in 2007, 2009, 2011 for comparing various extrusion simulation software available on the market.
For the latest news, information or online demonstrations, visit the company's Web site at http://www.qform3d.com/


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