USA-based Technical Machining Services named preferred manufacturing partner for Hy-Impact™ intelligent hydrogen systems
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USA-based Technical Machining Services named preferred manufacturing partner for Hy-Impact™ intelligent hydrogen systems

FARMINGTON, Ark., Sept. 6, 2012 — (PRNewswire) — �Alternative Hydrogen Solutions, the exclusive seller of Highline Technical Innovations' (OTC: HLNT) Hy-Impact™ line of fuel saving and harmful emissions reducing hydrogen systems, announced today that Arkansas-based Technical Machining Services (TMS) has been named a preferred manufacturing partner. This relationship provides Alternative Hydrogen Solutions with quality production of the Hy-Impact system and ensures its ability to satisfy large volume commercial orders.

Established in 1977, and ISO 9002 compliant, Technical Machining Services is an experienced manufacturer of precision parts and assemblies. TMS provides manufacturing services for Hy-Impact's unit specific PVC casings. TMS's client repertoire is comprised of a vast array of global industry leaders whose products are international household names.

TMS will work in conjunction with ISO9001/AS9100 certified Delta Group Electronics, another preferred manufacturing partner of the Hy-Impact line. Also domestically located, Delta Group Electronics is a full service Electronic Manufacturing company (EMS), specializing in aerospace, defense, and commercial industries manufacturing. Delta was previously named the preferred partner to manufacture Hy-Impact's electronics control package, assemble the units and to conduct 100% final testing on the finished product.

When asked of the events leading to the "Preferred" status of TMS, CEO of Highline Technical Innovations Inc., Chad Coats stated "...Diligent research, engineering, and countless tests led us to realize that for ultimate reliability, durability and aesthetic, Hy-Impact would work best as a one-piece unit, encased a virtually indestructible material. Funded by a joint venture with Alternative Hydrogen Systems Group Sales and Marketing LLC, Hy-Impact's casing was re-designed to be fabricated from two-inch thick PVC, machined to its final form by Technical Machining Services."

The Hy-Impact product line uses hydrogen as a catalyst to more effectively burn fuel. Hydrogen is separated from water via the process of electrolysis allowing a precise amount of hydrogen gas to be introduced into the engine's combustion chamber, creating a significantly more efficient fuel burn. Hy-Impact's patent-pending CPU technology ensures the correct amount of hydrogen is introduced, while preventing any moisture from entering the engine, which results in an overall 9-23% increase in fuel economy and dramatically lowered harmful emissions.

About Technical Machining Services

Established in 1977, Technical Machining Services is an ISO 9002 compliant manufacturer of precision metal parts and assemblies offering services to a vast array of global industry leaders. TMS is domestically located in Rogers, Arkansas, near the heart of the Ozarks. For more information on TMS, visit their website at

About Delta Group Electronics

Founded in 1987, Delta Group Electronics, Inc. is a full-service Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) company offering turnkey services for its customers in the aerospace, defense and commercial industries. Based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the Company also has assembly operations in San Diego and Dallas, as well as Rockledge, Florida and Fayetteville, Arkansas, with administrative offices in St. Louis.

About AHS

The Hy-Impact™ line of products began development in 2005. After 7 years of research, testing and modification, it has emerged as a unique and successful solution to the concerns posed by rising fuel prices and the environmental concerns related to harmful emissions. Alternative Hydrogen Solutions was formed in 2012, when Arkansas-based Highline Technical Innovations Inc. (OTC: HLNT), creator of the Hy-Impact line of intelligent hydrogen systems, joined forces with Alternative Hydrogen Systems Group Sales and Marketing LLC, in order to bring this revolutionary product to market. The products that comprise the Hy-Impact™ line and their corresponding industries include: Hy-Road™ for trucking, Hy-Marine™ for maritime, Hy-Flo™ for oil, Hy-Agra™ for agriculture, Hy-Rail™ for locomotive, and Hy-Drolean™ for municipality.

About Highline Technical Innovations

Highline Technical Innovations Inc. (HLNT) is based in Farmington, Arkansas. HTI is dedicated to producing innovative, high quality products that are economical and reduce environmental impact. In 2012, HTI joined forces with Miami-based Alternative Hydrogen Systems Group Sales and Marketing LLC, a firm focused on introducing the latest in cost-saving and environmentally responsible technology to industries that rely heavily on the consumption of fossil fuels. HTI is the publicly held part of this joint venture (Alternative Hydrogen Solutions) and brings the revolutionary Hy-Impact line of fuel saving and emissions reducing devices to market.


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