ZWCAD Family Shows Its Competence in Complex Design at GPC 2013
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ZWCAD Family Shows Its Competence in Complex Design at GPC 2013

GUANGZHOU, China — (BUSINESS WIRE) — April 22, 2013 — ZWCAD Family, a series of CAD solutions including ZWCAD+, ZWCAD Touch, ZWCAD Mechanical and ZWCAD Architecture, were introduced at the recently concluded GPC 2013. The more versatile product line enables CAD users to better address the diverse needs for general, mobile as well as professional design.

Faster Image Processing with New Raster Image in ZWCAD+ 2012 SP2

As the backbone product, ZWCAD+ has been well-received by many users. It managed to make achievements such as higher compatibility and stronger memory control with a brand new kernel. For ZWCAD+ 2012 SP2, it realizes another great improvement in raster image, which allows faster image processing and more accurate display. Designers can fluently preview, insert and zoom big files without any delay. Even for images over 1G, it still responses instantly and operates smoothly, with every single detail of an image shown accurately after zooming and panning.

Fast Operation and Easy Synchronization with Cloud-based ZWCAD Touch

Besides satisfying the general desktop design need, the ZWCAD family extends to cover mobile design with ZWCAD Touch, and therefore designing has been made more flexible with the fast operation response and easy sharing function anywhere and anytime. ZWCAD Touch enables users to quickly open and edit .dwg drawings and easily synchronize them to third-party cloud services. Moreover, the newly-added 3D view control function has greatly expanded the users’ mobile design experience. ZWCAD Touch is gaining popularity, and making more users enjoy PC-tablet workflow, especially ZWCAD+ coupled with ZWCAD Touch.

ZWCAD Mechanical for MCAD and ZWCAD Architecture for AEC

ZWCAD Mechanical, based on ZWCAD+, offers automatic design functionality for manufacturing design. It enables ZWCAD+ to reach a more specific and professional design field. Its working efficiency has been greatly improved with part library, which allows users to quickly draw standard parts with high precision and correctness. It also enables more flexible and simplified workflow by using intelligent balloon and dimensioning. In addition, the most commonly adopted international standards have been incorporated into ZWCAD Mechanical, helping solve increasingly complex demand of global manufacturing design.

The GPC 2013 ZWCAD family has also expanded its presence in architecture design field with the debut ZWCAD Architecture alpha version for the partners. With customizable AEC objects support and superior on-the-fly 2D/3D collaboration, it will bring the efficiency of architecture and construction design to new heights. The public version will soon be released.

In a bid to cater to the customers’ specific needs, the stable and strong code-level API compatibility of ZWCAD+ allows developers to port their applications to ZWCAD+ more quickly and easily, and more than 50 world renowned CAD applications such as ADDCAD and CADprofi have been successfully ported to ZWCAD+. Designers and engineers now can choose the best tool for the job at hand and better respond to the changing design requirements.

The ZWCAD family has made major breakthroughs in both the depth and width of the product line. Except for a stronger ZWCAD+, ZWCAD Mechanical and Architecture can satisfy higher requirements from professional users, and ZWCAD Touch enables designers to work from any place and offers cloud-based workflow instead of the traditional one. It’s obvious to see that a more competitive ZWCAD family has taken shape, offering CAD users more options to handle complex design from different levels and fields.

Follower to Innovator

“ZWCAD has been a good follower in the past, but that is not our goal for ZWCAD+,” said Kingdom Lin, General Manager of ZWCAD Overseas Business. “Our goal is to add more innovations to ZWCAD products to maximize the design value, making the products competitive, minimizing the cost, and creating more possibilities for customers.”

With diverse product lines and new design values, the ZWCAD family will be able to meet more design needs in general, mobile as well as professional design fields. The development of the ZWCAD family will bring more value, provoking new surprises for CAD users in their design.


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