Cloudinary Expands One-Stop Shop for Cloud-Based Image Management; Announces New Image Processing Add-Ons
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Cloudinary Expands One-Stop Shop for Cloud-Based Image Management; Announces New Image Processing Add-Ons

New partnerships further expand Cloudinary’s commitment to offering a comprehensive end-to-end cloud-based image management solution

PALO ALTO, Calif. — (BUSINESS WIRE) — March 5, 2014Cloudinary, the leading cloud-based image management platform, today announced new and fully integrated image processing add-ons, leveraging technologies by Imagga, ReKognition, URL2PNG, Aspose, WebPurify and others. Used by nearly 20,000 developers from more than 100 countries, Cloudinary's new add-on offerings enable automatic image moderation, image categorization, smarter image cropping, improved image compression, advanced face attributes detection, website screenshot generation and more through a single click integration—building on the company's comprehensive online solution for one-stop shop image management.

“Today's websites are very image rich and require an increased focus on user experience and accessibility on a wide range of devices,” said Paul Burns, president, Neovise. “Managing the image pipeline that supports this trend – from an image's initial upload to its final delivery and viewing – is challenging, time consuming and costly, both from a product, R&D and IT perspective. We are seeing many organizations investing considerable efforts into building and supporting in-house solutions to manage their image pipeline.”

Cloudinary's cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, with its rich API, delivers complete end-to-end image management, including image uploads, cloud-based storage, online administration, on-the-fly manipulation and optimized delivery, enabling developers to focus on building innovative applications, instead of supporting and managing image integration in-house. The newly available image processing add-ons can be used via simple API calls without requiring separate manual integration with each external service, delivering a seamless image rich Web and mobile experience.

The Cloudinary Experience
Designed by developers for developers, Cloudinary offers a comprehensive, highly customizable, scalable and affordable approach to image management. Cloudinary's benefits include:

“As experienced Web and mobile developers, we know first-hand how challenging and time consuming it can be to manage images for today's media rich Web environment,” said Itai Lahan, chief executive officer, Cloudinary. “We designed Cloudinary to answer all developers' image-related needs, while keeping it simple to integrate and affordable across both large and small companies. The add-on partnerships we are announcing today, reflect our continued commitment to offering a definitive go-to-place for developers' entire image management pipeline, covering the most advanced requirements.”

What the Industry is Saying:

Rick Dillon, director of engineering, Apartment List
“Apartment List is obsessively focused on creating a compelling experience for the 2.2 million renters who visit us each month to find their next home. We believe high quality photos are a central part of their experience, and moving from our in-house image processing system to Cloudinary has allowed us to easily process and serve millions of images a day across all of our offerings with minimal engineering effort. As we expanded from the desktop and mobile Web, Cloudinary's consistently high-quality APIs were simple to integrate and use, allowing our team to focus on building amazing Android and iOS apps, so that we could remain confident that our images were being processed and served flawlessly.”

Sebastian Schuon, co-founder & CTO, STYLIGHT
“We started using Cloudinary about a year ago and have switched all of our image delivery over to Cloudinary. By doing so, we sped up our development process tremendously, adding a new resolution within seconds. By now all our platforms (Web, iOS, Android) use different transformations to send optimized images to the user. We enjoyed great support and to date have seen no downtime. We are looking forward to scaling together in the future!”

Georgi Kadrev, CEO, Imagga
“Managing images is not an easy process and correct cropping and scaling is an important piece of the puzzle. Our partnership with Cloudinary allows developers to get perfect image crops with ease, in a completely automated way.”

Jonathan Freger, co-founder, WebPurify
“With both developer generated content and user uploaded content driving a dynamic user experience across websites and mobile applications, there is a growing concern about the types of images that are shared with viewers. In integrating WebPurify with Cloudinary, developers have an option of going beyond simply manipulating and delivering images, they are able to moderate images based on either WebPurify's standard criteria or create custom criteria, making image management easier than ever.”

Richard Michaels, VP of business development, Orbeus
“Orbeus' ReKognition technology provides advanced face attribute and scene indexing capabilities, enabling automated processing of vast sets of images to be better labeled, discoverable and useable. ReKognition's high-performance API is fast, accurate and easy to use. We are excited to partner with Cloudinary, offering their customers the tools to differentiate.”

General Availability and Pricing
Cloudinary's add-on features are available today. Cloudinary offers a fully featured free plan, in addition to paid plans that start at $39 per month and go up to enterprise plans that support millions of daily images.

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