Solair is forging a new partnership with SECO
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Solair is forging a new partnership with SECO

Oct 9, 2014 -- Solair has forged a new partnership with SECO, one of the world’s leading companies in the field of embedded electronics. Together they will focus on developing embedded solutions that integrate hardware and software to be used in IoT applications.

Embedded technology is used everywhere from cars to communications systems and in industrial and consumer devices. In the world of embedded electronics, where available solutions frequently comply with rigid manufacturing standards, SECO has chosen to differentiate itself by offering its customers solutions which, while remaining in the ambit of standard products, have the ability to integrate perfectly with their end products and therefore to evolve according to the way the products evolve.

Solair applies the same method by offering a highly flexible cloud platform that makes it possible to create applications as a service without the need to write codes, while supplying ‘intelligence’ to both structured and unstructured data.

The aim of the partnership between the two companies is to offer complete and universally applicable IOT solutions for a variety of contexts.

The advantages of working with a company like SECOexplains Tom Davis, CEO of Solairis that of dealing with a partner that has built its competitive edge by choosing to control the entire production cycle of its embedded solutions, from concept development to project engineering and final testing. Given the flexibility of our platform we can really work hand in hand to create customised solutions to meet the client’s needs or recommend a hardware or software solution to a developer to bring their ideas to life quickly and easily.”

The strength of the Solair-SECO partnership – confirms Gianluca Venere, Sales Director of SECO – is that it comes full circle from the flexibility of SECO hardware solutions it passes through the versatility of the Software as a Service model and exclusive Solair technology. The aim of the partnership, by virtue of its complimentarity of structure and purpose, is to be able to offer the customer the best cloud solution to fit their need to communicate in a simple and targeted way with the Things in their business. This will make it possible to transform the data collected from mere information into real knowledge oriented at optimising business processes and smart predictive models that are easy to interpret and manage by users.”

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About Solair

Solair is an application platform for the Internet of Things that makes your business more intelligent by connecting it to your products through smart and compelling IoT applications.

It is designed for companies with lots of Things – no matter where they are – that want better products, more competitive services and happy customers.

It enables to quickly collect data from your Things and feed them into the company’s business processes thus making a difference.

Our goal is to make the relationship between the Business and the Internet of Things works in a fast, meaningful and flexible way.

The company’s headquarters are located in Italy with offices in India and Japan complemented by a worldwide partner network.


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