Cetrus™ Announces Autodesk Version Reporting
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Cetrus™ Announces Autodesk Version Reporting

 Solution provides unparalleled license use visibility 

November 11, 2016 (San Ramon, CA)Cetrus, the leader in real-time application use monitoring and reporting, announced today that Process Meter V3.3 (PM) is being enhanced to report all desktop Autodesk attributes at application launch as well as the corresponding NLM delivered licenses and their attributes. PM’s desktop Agent/plugin architecture will now include a plugin to read Autodesk application attributes. An Agent with a log reader plugin will read and report log-file information. The unique combination of real-time desktop and log file data addresses Autodesk customer’s biggest reporting frustrations - understanding whether they are over-licensed by application, version or package, if a license is active or idle and for how long, and if licenses are released in the correct sequence. 

Extending PM’s real-time granular use reporting, PM V3.3 will report which application/license combination was delivered per session, helping customers determine how often more expensive Suite or version licenses are released due to unavailability of a lower priced version. In addition, customers will be able to identify if certain users consistently request more expensive licenses than their peer group.

Cetrus is also enhancing PM’s Expense-2-Project (E2P) extension, which associates application Windows/session use to projects for external reimbursement, internal chargeback or time tracking. E2P will now be able to associate and report on computationally-intensive simulation or rendering application use.

“Our customers with multiple Autodesk versions have always wanted to know if they were optimally licensed based on actual use”, says Oliver Turan, Director of Sales at Autodesk Platinum Reseller Cad Technology Center. “We can now provide guidance on what subscriptions are most cost-effective based on historical active, inactive and timed out license status use data. In addition, we can simply the process of verifying their license release process against their entitlements.”

“E2P has been a great revenue generator for us,” says Uri Eliahu, President of ENGEO, an international engineering firm of more than 250 professionals. “This new release lets us monitor and bill use for computationally-intensive simulation applications such as Plaxis, which can run for many hours in a single session. We can now bill for all the application and license types used by our engineers – perpetual/subscription, standalone/metered and batch/background server.” 

About Cetrus

Cetrus is the leader in real-time, desktop application-use monitoring for software asset use optimization. Headquartered in San Ramon, CA, the firm provides real-time desktop application monitoring solutions. Enterprises can implement Process Meter, its next-generation license type independent platform to understand when and how applications are used to reduce license costs, compare application use, and bill for reimbursement or chargeback. Desktop software developers use Application Meter to monetize subscription and rental use through its integrated ecommerce platform.

To learn more, please go to: www.cetrus.com

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