Rolta's Q4 - FY-17 Consolidated PAT Grows 41.7% QoQ
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Rolta's Q4 - FY-17 Consolidated PAT Grows 41.7% QoQ

MUMBAI, May 30, 2017 — (PRNewswire) — Rolta India Limited (Rolta), a leading provider of innovative IP-led IT solutions for many vertical segments, including Defense and Security, today announced financial results for the quarter and the audited results for the year ended March 31, 2017 for the first time under INDAS.

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Mr. K. K. Singh, Chairman and Managing Director said, "We have been charting a course to constantly transform Rolta to remain relevant in the face of relentlessly changing digital technologies and market needs while still remaining focused on core competencies and transition from Services to a predominantly IP led Solutions organization. We are now able to bring together rich solutions powered by our growing portfolio of IP and uniquely combining these with deep vertical specific domain expertise together with decades of Geospatial, Engineering and Enterprise IT experience. This long and arduous journey for transformation of close to a decade required significant investments while Rolta's growing product portfolio was enriched and started gaining global acceptance. Going forward, I am confident Rolta will greatly benefit from nonlinear growth because of our IP led Solutions."


Rolta now owns a vast repository of around 250 registered copyrights for software packages powering the Company's differentiated Digital Transformation Solutions in the areas of Defence, Smart Cities, Cloud, Enterprise and Cyber Security as well as BI and Big Data Analytics. As part of its ongoing innovation each of the products suites are enriched with new features and functionality based on a well-defined roadmap and formal releases. This is clearly reflected by Rolta's innovative solutions continuing to receive industry recognitions and accolades. The Company's persistent efforts at developing cutting edge IP was recently rewarded with the grant of one more patent (No. US 9,594,955 B2) by the US Patent & Trademark Office with several more being in the pipeline. This patent is for a fast-computational algorithm enabling dynamic display and will be a critical differentiator in defence applications.

This year, the Geospatial World Forum honored Mr. K. K. Singh, the Founder of Rolta, as a 'Living Legend' in the Geospatial Hall of Fame, one amongst ten such World Leaders in the Geospatial Industry recognized globally.

A few notable awards received by Rolta during the year include Frost and Sullivan naming Rolta as the "IT Solutions Provider - Oil & Gas" for the 2nd consecutive year recognizing the Company's outstanding achievements in 'Digital Transformation' while Rolta in the US was recognized by VMWare with the Global Professional Services Partner of the Year award for Rolta's Cloud Solutions.  


The world of information technology is changing dramatically with the emergence of disruptive Digital technologies. The nexus of these technologies and the pervasive hyper connected networks is responsible for the deluge of digital data and is posing major challenges to organizations. Rolta with its rare combination of deep Geospatial and Engineering expertise combined with its IT prowess and differentiated IP based software packages has developed an enviable track record to help its customers on their Digital Transformation in each of the areas it serves.

Defense and Security

Rolta has successfully deployed its Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) solutions at more than 175 installations with the armed forces in India, enabling them to achieve synergy in inter service military operations. Extensively deployed along the sensitive land borders, they are being exploited to ward off current threats in day to day operations.

As one of the world leaders in Geographical Information Systems, this year Rolta joined a handful of companies worldwide, with the latest 64-bit release of its C4ISR software suite which brings sophisticated technology to fully exploit the latest advances in satellite and aerial imaging. This Next Generation ISR Solution seamlessly integrates Photogrammetry and Imaging with GIS to dynamically generate and display vast expanses of high quality imagery necessary for intelligence, operational planning and execution. This release sees several major enhancements for Data Creation supporting latest generation of satellites, multiple change monitoring algorithms to detect changes, Strategic and Tactical planning, Operational and Mission planning with a bevy of tools such as line of sight, Counter Infiltration and Counter Terrorism modules amongst others. These features and functionalities have been well received and appreciated at various levels across the armed forces.

During the year, the Company won multiple prestigious orders from National Remote Sensing Establishments incorporating Rolta IP to enable these data processing agencies with all-weather, day and night reconnaissance capability. In Homeland Security, with the implementation of specialized communications projects across the country, Rolta has successfully established itself in the rapidly expanding mission critical communications segment. For example, as part of its on-going support to Maharashtra Police, Rolta recently ushered in the digital transformation of their mission critical communications network by deploying sophisticated digital communication systems. Rolta's presence now covers the remotest corners of the country having successfully implemented and operationalized the NAVTEX a project for wireless communication with shipping covering the entire coast of India including Andaman and Nicobar Islands

The Battlefield Management System (BMS), aimed at ushering in Digital Transformation of the Indian Army, is one of the largest such program in the world, with an estimated expenditure of Rs. 70,000 Crores. The Consortium of BEL and Rolta selected as a Development Agency for BMS is fulfilling its responsibilities and continues to achieve major milestones within the stipulated timeframes under the active support and guidance of the Indian Army.

Rolta as an Indian organization with rich indigenous IP and an established track record is eminently suited and poised to reap the benefits arising out of the recent "Make India" vision and introduction of new categorization, "Buy Indian IDDM" (indigenously designed, developed & manufactured). Rolta is being invited for major pan-India digital enablement initiative, examples of which include, invitation to bid in RFIs for the cutting edge Software Defined Radio and a BI and Big Data Analytics Solution to deliver actionable insights and predictive analytics across diverse types of assets such as weapons & ammunition, vehicles, equipment, personnel, etc.

Digital Solutions: Geospatial, Asset Management, Enterprise IT, Security, Cloud, and Big Data Analytics

Businesses today are no longer satisfied by automating business transactions but are looking for Business Outcomes to remain relevant and succeed in the Digital Economy. This revolution is being fueled by technologies such as the Cloud, Mobility, Enterprise / Cyber Security, Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data Analytics, amongst others. With over 80% of digital data having a locational context, adding a geospatial dimension is vital for deeper insights. Rolta with its growing portfolio of innovative solutions is building enduring relationships with its customers embarking on their Digital Transformation journey. The Company has established an enviable track record and is capable of designing, building, optimizing and subsequently managing these solutions for its customers as a single vendor.

Geospatial and Engineering Asset Information Management: Rolta has built end-to-end Geospatial capabilities enabling the Company to create secure geospatial enabled digital repositories, build rich and interactive web based portals for smart insightful decision making and culminating in Geospatial Analytics to drive business outcomes. Having deployed more than 400 geospatial enabled Smart City projects in leading cities across Canada, North America, Europe, Middle East, and India, Rolta has built deep expertise and a rich proven portfolio of rapidly deployable productized solutions. During the year, the Company continued to make inroads with multi-million dollar contracts, both in India and across the globe, covering a variety of Smart City solutions in diverse areas such as Economic Development, Urban Planning and Land Management, Transportation, Utilities and Smart Governance to name a few.

Asset intensive industries have realized the intrinsic value of their digital asset information and are demanding robust Engineering Information Management systems for effective plant management. Rolta's unique ability to integrate its portfolio of engineering solutions with enterprise-level IT has positioned the Company to address this growing demand. Over last few years Rolta has successfully delivered hundreds of million dollar projects in North America, Middle East, Japan and India. Asset Lifecycle Management solutions are essentially precursors to large digital transformation initiatives which many industries are adopting to address the problems of having accurate, up-to-date data for subsequent deeper analytics. Examples of successes include Rolta recently commencing a project to establish an "Intelligent Asset Information" solution for a world's leading process technology supplier for deployment at a major refining company in India. Similarly, in the Middle East, Rolta was recently selected by one of the largest petrochemical conglomerate to consolidate all their process assets, comply with standards and provide centralized access to the latest as-built information of their plant assets by maintenance and project teams. One of the largest Water and Sewerage Services company in UK engaged Rolta to build their Asset Hierarchy and Migrate the data from their current system to SAP based on Rolta's IP led automation and deep engineering expertise in Asset Information Management Solution.

Enterprise IT, Cloud, Mobility and Cyber Security. In this digital era, organisations are increasingly embracing Mobility and the ubiquitous Cloud computing for greater accessibility and flexibility, customisation and integration with their enterprise applications such as ERP and Web Portals. The movement of data outside the confines of the organisation's firewall is raising security issues and Rolta has developed a tiered security approach covering cyber, perimeter, network, endpoint, application and data security with a comprehensive portfolio of solutions and services that exploits Rolta IP at all stages.

Armed with these capabilities Rolta has won business of more than a hundred million during the year by providing end-to-end solutions in Enterprise IT, Converged System and Cloud transformation, Mobility and Enterprise / Cyber Security. For example, a major National Insurance and Financial Services Company in the US awarded a US $ 6.2M contract while another large Hospital in North America awarded a US $ 3.9M contract for designing and transforming their Data Centers into a private cloud environment. A good example of Rolta's ability to manage Cloud based infrastructure together with its underlying databases is that of a global cloud based SaaS provider again choosing Rolta to renew its US $ 7.7M contract to manage their environment. In the Mobility space, Rolta won a US $ 3.2M contract from a large global health care distribution company to address their mobility requirements and modernize their mobile device infrastructure.

Some illustrative examples in Enterprise / Cyber Security include a Fortune 500 Global health products distribution company signing a US $ 3.6M contract with Rolta to implement a Smart Network Security solution while another major US restaurant chain tasked Rolta with improving their network and mobile security across 1500 restaurants. In the Middle East, Rolta successfully deployed a US $ 3.5M comprehensive Cyber Security solution covering Identity and Access Management for both internal users as well as 2.5 million citizens accessing the portals with their unique IDs.

IoT and Big Data Analytics: This is another area which is gaining remarkable momentum world over. Rolta addresses the full spectrum of Big Data analytics maturity journey from initial advisory, data discovery, enablement of big data landscape, establishing an asset information model (AIM) to secure IoT integration and advanced analytics. Rolta's unique IP is a vital differentiator in automating several aspects of this journey. Rolta's flagship enterprise product continues to remain at the leading edge with innovations such as AI, Deep Machine Learning, Data Lake and Predictive Analytics. As a result, Rolta OneView™ continues to win industry and analyst accolades as well as gaining global traction.

The maturity and exceptional value of Rolta's Products and Solutions are clearly evident from the tremendous traction built by Rolta over the years with more than a 100 BI and Big Data Analytics customers worldwide.  This customer base includes several marquee clients who have adopted Rolta's BI and Big Data Analytics Solution for their Digital Transformation including 11 Fortune 500 companies and 2 Indian Navratnas. What is even more encouraging is that Rolta's BI and Big Data customers span across all the asset intensive industries served by the company. For example, 3 out of top 10 petrochemical and chemical companies 8 leading Oil & Gas, one of the largest water services company in UK, 3 of the Forbes global power companies, one of India's largest gas distribution company and several Department of Transport in US & Canada and a leading smart transportation authority in the Middle East chose to partner with Rolta for their Big Data analytics.

About Rolta: Rolta is a leading provider of innovative IP-led IT solutions for many vertical segments, including Federal and State Governments, Utilities, Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Retail, and Healthcare. Rolta is recognized for its extensive portfolio of solutions based on field-proven Rolta IP tailored for Indian Defence and Homeland Security. By uniquely combining its expertise in the IT, Engineering and Geospatial domains, Rolta develops State-of-the-Art Digital Solutions incorporating rich Rolta IP in the areas of Cloud, Mobility, IoT, BI and Big Data Analytics. Rolta is a multinational organization headquartered in India and the Company's shares have been publicly traded for more than 25 years in India.

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