Advanced In-CAD Simulation Tools
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Advanced In-CAD Simulation Tools

                                                          for IronCAD

IronCAD Now Features Integrated Motion Simulation

Our newest Design Extension is a native integration with SimWise Motion — a kinematic and dynamic motion simulation program from Design Simulation Technologies.

Use SimWise Motion for IronCAD to evaluate the functionality and performance of your designs early on so that any mechanical issues can be resolved prior to prototyping and production.

SimWise Motion supports motors, actuators, gravity, realistic contact between bodies, springs, friction, damping, and other generated forces as needed, calculating result vectors, displacement, velocity, acceleration, and forces to give you the numerical information you need to evaluate design performance.

As with all IronCAD products, the SimWise Motion Design Extension is available as a FREE fully functional 30-day trial download to IronCAD users. Download your copy today!


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How Our In-CAD Structural/FEA Simulation Stacks Up

Looking for an in-CAD FEA simulation solution? Per the “Comparison Charts for Structural FEA Simulation Software” report issued by, IronCAD has one of the most robust in-CAD structural/FEA simulation packages around with distinguishing features such as cold working, democratized task-specific FEA tools, and simulation app creation. Download the report to see just how IronCAD stacks up against Autodesk Inventor, Creo Simulate, Siemens Solid Edge, and SOLIDWORKS. 


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Our Cutting-Edge, Time-Saving Multiphysics Update

The recent Multiphysics for IronCAD (MPIC) update added patented Extended Markup Language Data (XMD) technology to our signature Design Extension, representing a huge technology leap in encapsulating model data. Anthony J. Lockwood, Editor at Large at Digital Engineering, named it an Editor’s Pick of the Week, calling it “[c]utting edge stuff” and affirming that “It should make for faster FE analyses and product development, easier maintenance and, over time, more complex multiphysics simulations.” Download a FREE 30-day trial of MPIC to see what has Lockwood so excited.


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