Liqid and Inspur Systems Showcase Next-Generation Composable NVIDIA GPU Accelerated Platform for Artificial Intelligence
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Liqid and Inspur Systems Showcase Next-Generation Composable NVIDIA GPU Accelerated Platform for Artificial Intelligence

The Companies Demonstrate the First Fully Scalable GPU-accelerated Composable Platform Leveraging Powerful NVIDIA GPUs for AI-Driven Applications

LAS VEGAS — (BUSINESS WIRE) — December 5, 2017Liqid, a leading provider of on-demand composable infrastructure technologies, and Inspur, a leading data center and cloud computing total solutions provider, announced that the companies are jointly demonstrating a scalable and adaptive composable infrastructure platform for artificial intelligence (AI) and graphics processing unit (GPU) intensive applications. Liqid and Inspur will be delivering a comprehensive composable platform that enables the scaling, pooling and dynamic assignment of physical GPU resources across rack and multi-rack deployments.

At the Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations Management & Data Center Conference 2017 (booth #351), Gartner premiere sponsor Inspur and Liqid will be demonstrating dynamically configurable infrastructure leveraging the latest NVIDIA GPUs. Pools of GPUs, CPUs, SSDs, and NICs will be deployed on a native PCIe fabric and bare-metal servers will be dynamically configured from these pools of disaggregated resources. Liqid’s composable infrastructure platform helps deliver the power of GPU-accelerated compute for the most demanding data center applications. With support for advanced features such as peer-to-peer transfers, hot plug capability, and multi-chassis scaling of GPUs, Inspur and Liqid deliver the ideal GPU platform for the most demanding AI applications.

“AI is helping us live in a connected world, unlocking opportunities for everything from retail and manufacturing operations to the study of climate, biology and astrophysics. To truly lead innovation in these fields and countless others, infrastructure must evolve to meet the requirements of these next generation applications,” said Dolly Wu, VP and GM of Inspur USA Cloud Data Center Division. “Working with Liqid and NVIDIA to deliver a composable GPU platform for AI and supercomputing, we are collectively setting the new standard for how resources will be dynamically utilized and instantly redeployed to meet the extremely demanding and inconsistent requirements of these emerging class of applications.”

Liqid’s composable infrastructure platform is an innovative approach to support GPUs as a dynamic, assignable, bare-metal resource, making it possible to scale GPUs in harmony with other data center elements, exponentially increasing GPU-centric compute power and resource utilization, while providing the necessary infrastructure adaptability to instantly repurpose resources when workflow requirements change.

Visit the Inspur Booth at the Gartner conference to learn more about how GPU-accelerated adaptive compute platform from Liqid, Inspur and NVIDIA enables:

“Liqid Composable with complete GPU integration forges a dynamic new architectural foundation to accelerate breakthroughs and scientific discovery for today’s most challenging computational tasks,” said Jay Breakstone, CEO, Liqid. “We are excited to work with Inspur and NVIDIA, respective global leaders in server and GPU architectures, to deliver the adaptive composable infrastructure platform to meet the immediate demands of the era of artificial intelligence.”

Visit Inspur’s booth #351 at Gartner this year or go to to learn more about adaptive, GPU-accelerated supercomputing with composable infrastructure solutions.

About Liqid

Liqid delivers unprecedented infrastructure agility, marking the next evolution in data center technology. As a global leader in composable infrastructure, Liqid’s open platform allows users, either manually or through policy-based automation, to effortlessly manage and configure “physical,” bare-metal server systems in seconds. Liqid’s software and hardware work in harmony allowing users, for the first time, to configure their physical server infrastructure on-the-fly. In this way, Liqid enables organizations to adapt to technological and business changes in real time and fully maximize opportunities in today's digital economy. For more information, contact the Liqid team at or visit Follow Liqid on  TwitterLinkedIn and  Google+.

About Inspur

Inspur is the leader in intelligent computing and ranked top four in worldwide server manufacturing. We provide cutting-edge hardware design and deliver extensive AI product solutions. Inspur provides customers with purpose-built servers and AI solutions that are Tier 1 in quality and energy efficiency. Inspur’s products are optimized for applications and workloads built for data center environments. To learn more,

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