CADbro 2018: Start Rolling to be a Smarter 3D Measuring Viewer
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CADbro 2018: Start Rolling to be a Smarter 3D Measuring Viewer

GUANGZHOU, China — (BUSINESS WIRE) — December 12, 2017ZWSOFT, an innovative supplier of CAD solutions for the automotive and machinery industries, released a full-featured and budget-friendly 3D CAD viewer, CADbro 2018, allowing smarter and more friendly data annotation and analysis.

Smart and Traceable Measurement

With one command in ZW3D, users can measure different geometric information. Plus, this new version can automatically identify the data that needs measuring in a single command. The measuring result can be obtained from the entity type to be recorded & minimized on the model.

With smart and traceable measurement, designers can embrace more comfortable operations and minimize human errors.

Collaborative Viewing and Markup

CADbro 2018 enables users to create, edit, and save reviews by redlining 2D or 3D data and adding comments. Also, the markup can be saved to the .z3dm file independently (without saving the 3D model) for easy viewing & management, greatly saving space.

With the markup, users can check comments from different people, making cross-departmental cooperation smoother.

Enhanced Direct Editing and PMI

Updated with new & efficient tools, Direct Editing in CADbro 2018 can provide more robust Direct Edit results, support dimension drive movement, and perform better in Move/Replace/Simplify. Moreover, the new control type of face overflow is easy-to-use. These tools can help speed up workflow for designers.

More details of the PMI feature have been improved, allowing users to make vivid modifications at ease. For instance, users have more options in dimensions and annotation types, such as Chamfer, Arc Length, Hole, Center Line, and Linear Radius. More control types can be found for cylinder surface or circle.

Online Update

Whenever a new version is released, users can update CADbro online just like a mobile app now, saving the trouble of re-downloading and reinstallation.

“CADbro 2018 is further enhanced in data interaction and search functionalities. And the upgraded translator achieves zero loss of data,” said William Li, Technical Supervisor of CADbro. “Brand new smart measurement and annotation functions provide unprecedented efficiency.”

For more about CADbro, click here or visit CADbro  Facebook & YouTube.


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