Polygonica New Hole Filling Feature for 3D Scanning
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Polygonica New Hole Filling Feature for 3D Scanning


SHEFFIELD, United Kingdom, March 28, 2018 – MachineWorks Ltd, the world-leading supplier of CNC Simulation Software and creator of Polygonica Polygonal Modelling Software Engine, is offering solutions for solving difficult 3D scanning problems such as complex hole filling in a point cloud of the 3D object.

3D scanners often produce 3D models with missing regions or with holes. Polygonica’s latest function addresses hole filling by recapturing the original geometry of the 3D data thanks to clever geometry manipulation.

Better performance

New more efficient algorithms benefiting from multi-threaded code have been developed to improve the performance of hole filling so that the completion of the model is achieved much faster.  The Polygonica team has also developed new methods specifically aimed at much larger holes and the winning combination of closing holes faster and dealing with larger missing areas have proven very popular. Different complexities and sizes have been tested and the overall performance improvement is significant.

Better mesh results

There is a new fill type which can match the features on opposite sides of a hole and extend them across the hole. This often gives much a better mesh result than finding a minimum area or smooth fill for the hole.

Filling annular holes (holes with one or more islands inside them) more effectively is also part of the new offering.  The outer hole is filled while keeping the detail given by the islands. The new fill type automatically matches features to determine which islands belong to which hole giving extremely good results for filling holes in challenging scanned objects.

“We’re seeing increasing demand for processing and repairing scanned data in a range of sectors away from the specialist tools provided by scanner manufacturers themselves. We are very excited by the speed and quality of these new hole filling techniques and we look forward to bringing further improvements in future releases,” says Richard Baxter, Sales Manager for Polygonica at MachineWorks Ltd.

About MachineWorks Ltd.

MachineWorks Limited provides cutting-edge software engines to manufacturers across the world since 1994.

MachineWorks is a Software Development Toolkit used by manufacturers looking to simulate any type of CNC machining and check for clashes and gouges in the full machining environment.
More than 60% of CAM developers in the world have integrated MachineWorks Software setting the standard for CNC simulation and verification component software in the industry.  MachineWorks is integrated not only into CAM applications but into stand-alone verification applications and controller-based applications, including Collision Avoidance Systems.

Polygonica is a Polygonal Solid Modeling Toolkit for processing polygon mesh. 
Polygonica carries out a wide range of geometric operations on polygon mesh models such as automatic solid healing, fixing self-intersections and Boolean operations. Other algorithms in Polygonica allow remeshing, simplification, offsetting and point cloud manipulation.
Built on MachineWorks' core technology for material removal and machine simulation, Polygonica’s unique polygonal modeling technology, takes its advantage from years of development and successful implementation in the CNC industry.

Polygonica has a wide range of applications, particularly in the fast-growing fields of additive manufacturing and 3D printing, where there is a requirement to solve complex polygon modeling problems when handling defective models with vast numbers of polygons. Polygonica is embedded into software solutions in a wide range of industries including Mechanical CAD Design, CAE, CAM, Dental, Medical, Mining and AR/VR for large capital asset industries such as BIM, Offshore, Plant and Shipbuilding. www.polygonica.com

Polygonica will be exhibiting at DEVELOP3D LIVE in Warwick, United Kingdom on Tuesday, the 20th of March on stand number 68   https://develop3dlive.com/exhibitor/polygonica/

You can also listen to Dr Fenqiang Lin talking at AMUG Conference, in St Louis, United States about the challenges and opportunities for polygon modelling on the 9th of April at 2 pm.

Polygonica also exhibiting at RAPID + TCT in Forth Worth, United States from the 24-26th of April, booth number 2027  http://www.rapid3devent.com/

MachineWorks Ltd is currently recruiting software and support engineers, you can apply here   https://www.machineworks.com/careers/

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