Professional PLM Initiative announces live global discussion on a potential profession
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Professional PLM Initiative announces live global discussion on a potential profession

Oxford, England. May 21 2019 -- The Launch Meeting for the Professional PLM Initiative Foundation Stage will take place at the end of June.

This will be the first ever worldwide live discussion about the future of professionalism in the PLM industry. The Agenda for the Launch Meeting fits naturally into one day, but this is to be a global meeting and there may be time zone issues.

The Launch will therefore be split into two half-day events: a Structure Meeting, which presents the history, details, and options; and a Live Discussion, where delegates jointly agree their feedback and guidance.

The Structure Meeting may be repeated two or three times, at different times of day, so that delegates can choose which one is most convenient.  There should then be a single date and time for the Live Discussion.

The Launch Meeting is just the first in a series of 4 structured meetings that will cover the scoping and target setting for 2020.  Everyone who takes part in the Launch Meeting becomes a Member of the Steering Group for the whole Foundation Stage.

The window for the Launch Meeting is the 3-week period between June 17 and July 05. The exact dates will be arranged to suit those who wish to take part, and the time zones that will be involved.

There are more details about the  Foundation Stage on the  Professional PLM web site.

Potential participants can register their interest in taking part or give their date preference via Email Contact.

About the Professional PLM Initiative
The Professional PLM Initiative was launched in 2017 in response to the lack of professional recognition for PLM practitioners. Its current aim is for its Steering Group to be able to oversee the development of a recognised PLM Profession by the end of 2020.

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