HAIZOL Offers Rapid Manufacturing of Custom Machining Parts
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HAIZOL Offers Rapid Manufacturing of Custom Machining Parts

HAIZOL's online manufacturing platform enables low-cost on-demand production at speed. Instant Quote, Project Confirmation in minutes, Production in hours.

SHANGHAI, Oct. 13, 2019 — (PRNewswire) —

SHANGHAI, Oct. 13, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- CNC machining is a wide spread well-known process used for rapid tools, prototypes, and large quantity production of specialist precision parts. Engineers have a wide array of companies to choose from when it comes to having their machining parts manufactured. However, the turnaround time for these parts vary greatly and plays an important factor in decision making. Typically, this can be weeks from ordering to delivery.

HAIZOL as a service provider can produce and ship custom machine parts in a matter of days. As a digital platform, the customer has the ability to receive an online quote instantly, and have production started and often completed the same day. Their fully transparent ordering system allows customers to track their order status from beginning to end, and Haizol is on hand to ensure there are no delays.

How is this possible? Sherry, CEO at Haizol states "our one-stop sourcing solution service is made possible by our well-established wide database of partners. Our lead time is guaranteed through maintaining more supply than demand, our machines and machinists can fulfil orders as soon as we receive them."

Automation lowers the cost of traditional CNC machining jobs. The process is simple and effective, the second you upload your CAD design you are quoted, then once an order is confirmed it is immediately sent for production. There is often little human involvement unless the customer requests it or a Haizol engineer needs to confirm a design specification.

The time consuming, slow, and expensive process of typical manufacturing is eliminated and replaced with a streamlined, precise, and inexpensive solution. Get an instant quote with Haizol today and see how you can improve your supply chain.



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