NanoAL Launches First-of-its-Kind Addalloy® 5T Aluminum Powder for Additive Manufacturing
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NanoAL Launches First-of-its-Kind Addalloy® 5T Aluminum Powder for Additive Manufacturing

Edison Gold Award-winning powder delivers cost-effective, lightweight, high performance solution

BOSTON — (BUSINESS WIRE) — November 12, 2020 — NanoAL, LLC announced today that it has commercialized its award-winning, metal AM technology − Addalloy® 5T Aluminum Alloy Powder. Addalloy 5T is designed and developed for Metal Additive Manufacturing via laser powder bed fusion. It is a proprietary, high-performance Aluminum-Magnesium-based alloy that is easy to use and cost effective to process.

“I’m excited to see Addalloy powder product commercialized, enabling engineers and designers to fully leverage the technology advancement of 3D-printing and attractive characteristics of high-performance aluminum alloys,” said Dr. Nhon Vo, CEO of NanoAL LLC.

NanoAL provides fast solutions with raw material powders and printed samples or components to get projects launched quickly and cost effectively.

Addalloy 5T powders works on major laser-based OEM platforms for Metal 3D Printing including EOS, Renishaw, Concept Laser and many others. With Addalloy 5T, designers and engineers are able to transform their product concepts and truly bring new designs to life with a focus on lightweight, durable performance and package size reduction.

About NanoAL, LLC

NanoAL LLC is a materials research and technology company dedicated to design, development, and commercialization of high-performance aluminum alloys based on scientifically designed nanostructures. NanoAL has developed several innovative products that include the Addalloy® family of powdered aluminum alloys that are tailored for the additive process and deliver extraordinary performance and economics.


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