Free Download of Discreet"s gmax Software Allows Gamers to Create and Customize Content
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Free Download of Discreet"s gmax Software Allows Gamers to Create and Customize Content

Gamers Can Now Edit Levels, Materials, 3D Objects, Characters and Animations to Trade or Share Online

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 28, 2001-- Discreet, a division of Autodesk Inc. (Nasdaq: ADSK), today announced the availability of the gmax(TM) game development platform and free game-content editor for consumers, derived from technology within Discreet's award-winning 3ds max(TM) animation and modeling software.

Now downloadable at, gmax is available to both consumers and developers in the gaming community. Also available online is gmax(TM) tempest, currently offered as a beta program, Discreet's prototype game pack that enables gamers to create custom content for the popular game "Quake III Arena(TM)" developed by id Software.

The consumer version of the gmax platform is a free download for game players, enabling them to create and customize in-game content by editing levels, materials, 3D objects, characters and animations. Content created with gmax software can also be traded and shared online. Officially launched at the Game Developers Conference in March 2001, the gmax product comes packed with 3D modeling, animation, texturing and character-building tools for game players.

gmax(TM) dev, the developer version of the product, offers game development companies the ability to integrate gmax functionality into existing pipelines -- streamlining the concept-to-realization process and decreasing the costs and time involved in building single-use, in-house level development tools, in addition to providing flexibility to their customers and extending the life of the game.

gmax tempest, a game pack developed internally at Discreet, is also available as a free download beta to consumers to personalize their game play of "Quake III Arena" and to demonstrate the freedom gmax technology provides. gmax tempest allows "Quake III Arena" enthusiasts everywhere to build their own custom game levels. gmax development licensees will receive gmax tempest in source-code format, which will be provided to illustrate the process of creating gmax game packs, and integrating gmax dev into the game production process.

"gmax and gmax tempest are Discreet's first steps into the growing game modifications phenomenon, which we feel will drive game innovation for the next few years," said Paul Perreault, gmax product manager at Discreet. "Game developers and publishers are finding that modifiable games can prolong the shelf life of the game title, increasing its chances of success and profit. gmax will play a significant role in this by adding to the excitement and playability of gmax-ready titles."

In addition to gmax tempest, other game titles incorporating the use of gmax technology are underway from international game development companies like Microsoft, Microids and Gas Powered Games.

Product Licensing and Availability

More information about Discreet and all of its products including gmax, gmax dev, and 3ds max software can be found on the Discreet Web site at, or by calling 800/869-3504 or 514/393-1616 for more information.

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