CambridgeDocs Announces OEM Agreement With PTC
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CambridgeDocs Announces OEM Agreement With PTC

BOSTON—(BUSINESS WIRE)—Feb. 15, 2006— CambridgeDocs ( today announced an OEM agreement with PTC, the Product Development Company(TM). As a result, PTC will integrate the CambridgeDocs legacy conversion tools into the Import/Export module available with Arbortext version 5.2, the latest release of PTC's dynamic publishing software.

The CambridgeDocs xDoc Converter user interface and conversion server will be used as the basis for importing content from legacy formats into XML. This includes importing from Microsoft Word files, FrameMaker, HTML, and PDF files into semantic XML for use with PTC's dynamic publishing software. On the export side, the CambridgeDocs technology will be used as part of the system that publishes XML into Microsoft Word documents.

"We're excited that PTC has chosen to include CambridgeDocs tools as part of their Arbortext dynamic publishing solution," said Kedron Wolcott, vice president engineering at CambridgeDocs. "We engineered our XML conversion products to transform documents into fully formed schemas, and we believe that the agreement with PTC will expand the reach of this capability into many more organizations."

The CambridgeDocs team has been working with PTC on the integration of the xDoc product with the Arbortext 5.2.

"We work with both PTC and CambridgeDocs," said Joseph Clements,vice president for Systems Documentation, Inc. (, a reseller of xDocs and leading edge publishing, CMS and semantic web technologies . "So we are glad to see these two best of breed XML technologies work together so seamlessly. The benefits that each bring to authoring, conversion and management of commercial and military documentation which use a variety of DTDs, Schemas and standards such as S1000D, are far beyond anything else in the XML space. Together these products enable us to provide our corporate and DoD customers with robust, cost-effective solutions ."

"As providers of structured content solutions to life sciences companies," said Ravi Shankar, vice president of Glemser Technologies, "We work with both PTC and CambridgeDocs. We recognize the strengths that each tool brings to the conversion, authoring and management of XML content for pharmaceutical companies, especially as they gear up to address new submission requirements such as the FDA's SPL and the European Union's PIM initiative."

About CambridgeDocs

CambridgeDocs is a leader in the emerging market for XML-based content integration. This market deals with the integration of legacy content with new XML-based systems (e.g. Content Management, Enterprise Information Portals, EAI, and Web Services) and standards (e.g. DocBook, DITA, HRXML, RIXML, FPML, XBRL, SPL, S1000D NewsML, 3001, or any custom XML schema/DTD's, etc.).

Towards this end, CambridgeDocs provides a technology platform & services for taking existing unstructured and semi-structured internal and external content (e.g. MS Word, HTML, PDF, Quark, etc.), and transforming it into "meaningful XML". Once transformed, the content can be made available for delivery through XML-based Web Services, classified and indexed within Enterprise Information Portals, and aggregated, assembled and published in multiple different formats including support for wireless and mobile devices.

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