Techshot Deploys SpaceClaim
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Techshot Deploys SpaceClaim

CONCORD, Mass.—(BUSINESS WIRE)—July 11, 2007— Techshot, an engineering and product development company based in Greenville, Indiana, has deployed SpaceClaim Professional 2007 to boost its engineers' productivity and to fully capture innovative ideas in 3D. As Professional Innovators whose ideas have flown on seven NASA space shuttle missions, Techshot's engineers require a powerful and flexible 3D modeling tool. SpaceClaim's dynamic modeling allows them to exercise their design models in unanticipated directions and quickly explore multiple design alternatives.

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"We work in a multi-disciplinary environment, where we all need to do a little bit of everything," Techshot's Nathan Thomas, explains. "So, although I'm an electrical engineer, I often need to do some mechanical design as well, particularly in the early stages of a design."

As in so many other product development firms, the benefits of 3D modeling had been limited to Techshot's mechanical designers who are dedicated CAD specialists. Before using SpaceClaim, Thomas had never used a 3D modeling system for his conceptual designs, which meant that he relied on others to help formulate his ideas. This limited his design productivity by making "on-the-fly" changes difficult and hampered his communication with the rest of Techshot's product development team.

With SpaceClaim, Thomas is successfully using SpaceClaim to model his own designs. He recently used SpaceClaim to create a complex bracket to mount connectors inside a new proprietary device for a highly competitive industry. The bracket required both machining and bending to fabricate, so the modeling task was fairly complicated.

"I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to use SpaceClaim," reports Thomas. "Its dynamic modeling capabilities make it simple to create and modify part geometry and its user interface is well-designed, making the software very intuitive. In fact, the amount of time it took me to model the part was less than the time it took me to actually measure the product it was going into!"

"SpaceClaim saved us both time and money, eliminating the inefficiency of a manual conceptual design process and the redundancy of having our CAD operators recreate my design," concludes Thomas. "SpaceClaim exceeded my expectations. Now I can quickly and easily model my own designs. I don't have to be a CAD operator; instead I can be a designer."

About Techshot

Techshot is an engineering and product development company founded in 1988 and based in Greenville, Indiana. From product design to production, Techshot's 30-plus team of engineers, scientists, and technicians specializes in providing a multi-disciplinary approach to design challenges. They serve many government agencies, notably NASA and the U.S. Department of Defense; universities such as Indiana University and the Ohio State University; and a growing list of commercial customers including Procter & Gamble and ASAP Automation. For more information, visit:

About SpaceClaim Corp.

SpaceClaim is a privately held company targeting the mechanical design market. SpaceClaim provides breakthrough technology that enhances engineers' productivity by empowering them to contribute to, consume, and share mechanical designs in a 3D digital form. SpaceClaim has assembled a world-class team of prominent executives, product developers, board members, and advisors with unrivaled experience in bringing new computer-aided design software to market. Founded in September 2005, SpaceClaim is backed by Borealis Ventures, Kodiak Venture Partners, Needham Capital Partners, and North Bridge Venture Partners. For more information, visit:

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