Consumer Product Design Process Improved with VX Real-Time Analysis
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Consumer Product Design Process Improved with VX Real-Time Analysis

Real-time curvature and draft analysis provides big benefits for consumer product developers

Melbourne, Florida - January 23, 2008 - VX Corporation, specializing in CAD/CAM for consumer products and molds, announces new real-time curvature and draft analysis capabilities in VX CAD/CAM Version 13 for enhanced consumer product development.

Real-time Analysis Provides Uninterrupted Product Design Sessions
Two types of analysis of utmost importance to consumer product developers are zebra stripe and draft analysis. Zebra stripe analysis is a "striping" technique that lets designers analyze curvature providing early insight into a product's look and feel - two characteristics of extreme importance in consumer product development. Draft analysis is important for evaluating the "moldability" of a product. Not enough draft, negative draft or undercuts increases complexity, cost and time in both mold and product production - something all manufacturers desperately seek to avoid.

Typically designers have to go into a special analysis mode to do these types of analysis and then go back into modeling mode to make modifications. This slows down and interrupts the design process, and even worse, puts designers in a trial and error, flip/flop mode of operation that significantly degrades their overall performance. However, now with VX Version 13, users can continuously work on a model while displaying either a zebra stripe or draft analysis thus providing instantaneous, real-time feedback without interruptions or slow-downs.

VX hybrid modeling lets users model instantaneously with solid, surface or wire-frame geometry in real-time analysis mode which significantly reduces interruptions to their session or system degradation. For example, an industrial designer can simply turn on zebra striping analysis to check curvature while modeling a product and then instantly switch over to draft analysis to see if there are any draft problems.

"When we first introduced real-time analysis to our reseller partners and early Version 13 adopters, they were thrilled with this new capability and surprised that fast graphics performance was not compromised, " said Bob Fischer, VX Vice President Sales and Marketing, "With this and other enhancements in Version 13, VX continues to enhance it's position in the world of plastic product development and mold manufacturing."

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VX Corporation is a pioneering developer of CAD/CAM solutions for industrial designers, engineers and CNC programmers. VX enables speedy design with fully integrated, accurate manufacturing. Using a blazing fast hybrid modeling engine, engineers can take advantage of the speed of solids with the flexibility of Class A surfaces. Designers can create, modify, visualize, document and machine a vast array of parts and assemblies. From the entry-level Modeler, to the complete End-to-End, VX delivers power, performance and productivity.

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