Fishbowl Solutions Releases linkTuner 2.0
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Fishbowl Solutions Releases linkTuner 2.0


Fishbowl Solutions has released linkTuner 2.0 to test and tune the Windchill® Pro/INTRALINK® and PDMLink™systems.

Minneapolis—August 27, 2008—Fishbowl Solutions, Inc., a software, services and consulting company delivering solutions for the PTC® Product Development System (PDS), has released linkTuner, an out-of-the-box solution for PTC’s Windchill Pro/INTRALINK and PDMLink.

linkTuner can work with the Oracle® tuner in Pro/INTRALINK and PDMLink to test, tune and benchmark the Windchill Pro/INTRALINK and PDMLink systems to ensure peak performance on the production “go live”. linkTuner can also be used after production rollout to continually tune the PDMLink system for upgrades.

linkTuner allows users to:

·         Simulate dozens of Pro/E users and stress test your system without the time and effort of your engineers.

·         Benchmark your PDMLink or Pro/INTRALINK 8.0+ vs. your Pro/INTRALINK® 3.4 system.


“linkTuner was used to help performance tune our Windchill application prior to moving Windchill into our Production system.  Although the system was working well for the test team, we had no real way to replicate how the system would react with a large number of users accessing the system at the same time… The results from running linkTuner identified a number of critical issues that we would not have identified prior to migrating to Production.  By testing multiple configurations and memory settings for Windchill and Oracle, we were able to analyze the results from each test and increase the performance by 200% based on our initial configuration settings,” said Brian Vogl, IT-Engineering Design Applications, Daktronics.  “Had we not used this tool, we would have crippled the Windchill application on the first day of use and would have quickly lost our trust and support from the engineering users.”


For more information on linkTuner please visit our website ( or contact us ( Email Contact) for a live demonstration.


About Fishbowl Solutions

Fishbowl Solutions (, founded in 1999, is differentiated by its unparalleled industry and technology expertise, its solid reputation for on-time delivery, its value-added results and its clear-thinking, accountable and knowledgeable people.


Fishbowl Solutions’ areas of expertise include: PTC’s Pro/INTRALINK®, Pro|ENGINEER®, Pro/TOOLKIT®, Pro/INTRALINK ® Toolkit and Windchill® software solutions, as well as being a Gold Level member of the PTC PartnerAdvantage™ Program.  Fishbowl also has an outstanding reputation of working with Oracle® (formerly Stellent) content management and has its own suite of add-on software solutions. 


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Media Contact: Amanda Broman
Fishbowl Solutions
Phone: (962) 465-3462
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