LMS GVT Solution Helps Cut Acquisition Time In Half
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LMS GVT Solution Helps Cut Acquisition Time In Half

Leuven, Belgium – March 6, 2009 – LMS, the engineering innovation company, and its Spanish partner Alava Ingenieros have completed a GVT technology co-operation project with the Ground Vibration Testing team at EADS-CASA that enabled the team to successfully complete a 700-channel large-scale aircraft GVT on the Airbus A400M in less than a month’s time. On top of that, four additional configurations were tested in only two extra weeks.

Part of an on-site support project, LMS and Alava Ingenieros engineers helped with the EADS-CASA deployment of a 700-channel LMS SCADAS III hardware and LMS Test.Lab software system over a series of three GVT tests: the Airbus A310 MRT, the Airbus A330 MRTT and the Airbus A400M respectively. The project covered complete LMS Test.Lab and LMS SCADAS III system installation and integration, extensive training and on-site assistance.

“From a software perspective, LMS Test.Lab is very user-friendly and quick to set up. It is very simple to perform ‘normal’ mode tuning. On the hardware side, the fact that the LMS SCADAS III equipment acquired by EADS-CASA can record over 700 channels simultaneously is an extremely important time-saver. The A400M test shows that all kinds of GVT requirements can be accomplished with this equipment -- even the largest aircrafts,” stated Mr. Posada, Head of Structural Test, EADS-CASA MTAD. “In addition, we realized a considerable productivity increase and cut the overall acquisition time in half. This saved several crucial weeks from our normal test time.”

Beginning September 26, 2008 at the FAL’s Flight Test Centre in Seville, Spain, the entire GVT cycle took just under a month – a rather fast pace for a thorough 700 channel set-up that included placing 700 accelerometers. During this period, various GVT tests, performed by a joint team from EADS-CASA MTAD’s Structural Test Department in collaboration with EADS-CASA MTAD’s Aeroelasticity & Dynamic Loads department, were carried out on the first aircraft, the Airbus A400M MSN01, which was placed on an elastic rubber platform to simulate a “ready for flight” configuration. These standard tests measured the frequency and damping modal parameters to determine the aircraft’s dynamic behavior from an aeroelastic point of view.

“The commitment from the LMS and Alava Ingenieros experts regarding the test objectives was outstanding. This ranged from the test coordination to the way they helped the team quickly resolve unexpected test and aircraft system problems. The GVT takes place – usually -- very close to the first schedule flight. You can easily imagine that there is no room for failure or delay. And saving a couple of weeks is a rather exceptional achievement for this kind of mission critical test. It was a tremendous amount of excellent team work from everyone involved,” concluded Mr. Hector Climent, Head of Aeroelasticity & Dynamic loads, EADS-CASA MTAD.

“We certainly enjoyed our partnership with the EADS-CASA team. Not only did the EADS-CASA projects prove the value of our GVT solution for large aircraft testing campaigns, it also demonstrated that we have an expert team to help our customers complete these mission-critical testing campaigns. While working against the clock in a transnational team, we have been able to fulfill all the test objectives, save precious time and deliver a job well done,” stated Thierry Olbrechts, Director LMS Aerospace Competence Center.

Special Announcement: LMS will be hosting a webseminar on March 13th at 11AM Eastern all about the GVT testing done with EADS-CASA. Join us to find out more about how LMS helped EADS-CASA cut their GVT test time in half during this informative 45 minute session – register now!

High resolution pictures for this PR can be found under www.lmsintl.com/pressimages. Please state: Photo courtesy of EADS-CASA on any material used.

About LMS:
LMS is an engineering innovation partner for companies in the automotive, aerospace and other advanced manufacturing industries. With approximately 30 years of experience, LMS helps customers get better products to market faster and turn superior process efficiency into key competitive advantages. With a unique combination of 1D and 3D simulation software, testing systems and engineering services, LMS tunes into mission critical engineering attributes, ranging from system dynamics, structural integrity and sound quality to durability, safety and power consumption. With multi-domain solutions for thermal, fluid dynamics, electrical and mechanical system behavior, LMS can address the complex engineering challenges associated with intelligent system design. Thanks to our technology and dedicated people, LMS has become the partner of choice of more than 5,000 manufacturing companies worldwide. LMS is certified to ISO9001:2000 quality standards and operates through a network of subsidiaries and representatives in key locations around the world.

Based in Madrid, Spain, EADS- CASA Military Transport Aircraft Division (EADS- CASA MTAD) is a division of EADS, the European Aeronautical Defense and Space Organization that develops and manufactures aircraft and space systems.

About the Airbus A400M
Designed to replace the popular but aging Lockheed Martin C-130 Hercules and similar cargo aircraft, the multi-purpose Airbus A400M, a four-engine turboprop, will double the payload capacity of existing aircraft as well as substantially increase the range. The Airbus A400M has been ordered by 10 countries for personnel and cargo delivery, air-to-air refueling, special operations, disaster relief and humanitarian missions.

Critical to the Airbus A400M program, ground vibration testing is necessary to validate the finite element model, adapt or modify the structure if necessary, and ultimately obtain final flight certification. Normally, ground vibration testing is a series of tests performed on the first prototype to detect aircraft resonances and verify the aircraft’s safety and reliability prior to the first actual test flight. The EADS-CASA GVT involved placing 700 accelerometers or sensors on the wings, horizontal and vertical tail planes, the fuselage, engines, cockpit and operating systems. Over 50 exciter points were used to vibrate the Airbus A400M appropriately during various ‘vibration’ tests to measure the frequency and damping modal parameters.

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