Proctor & Gamble Selects MSC Software's SimManager & SimXpert to Improve Engineering Productivity and Product Quality
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Proctor & Gamble Selects MSC Software's SimManager & SimXpert to Improve Engineering Productivity and Product Quality

World’s Largest Consumer Packaged Goods Manufacturer to Benefit from Effective Management of Best Practices Knowledge Capture & Reuse and Simulate More Reliably in Pre-Design Phase of Product Development

SANTA ANA, Calif. - June 10, 2009
- MSC.Software (NASDAQ: MSCS), a leading global provider of simulation solutions, including software and services, today announced that the Procter and Gamble Company (P&G),is using MSC.Software’s SimXpert and SimManager to drive design and process improvement for complex consumer product design. P&G’s objective is to minimize the time required to perform advanced simulations and improve the accuracy and reliability of virtual prototypes and manufacturing process simulations in the pre-design phase of product development.

P&G selected MSC.Software as the ideal provider to enable them to meet these goals based on the abilities of SimManager to manage virtual build & tests, and SimXpert to capture and share automated best-practices allows manufacturers to run more simulations, with more reliability than ever before. P&G expects to realize major productivity improvements, product quality improvements, and more sustainable packaging designs

“We have been studying the performance behavior of products throughout their entire lifecycle,” explains Tom Lange, Director of Mod­eling and Simulation, P&G Corporate R&D. “We have always taken a best –in-class approach with our software providers, as we continue to identify new and innovative ways to improve the performance of product design, packaging and manufacturing through advanced simulation technologies. We are pursuing this with our partners with the promise of expanding the footprint of simulation from the expert only user communities out to the casual and practitioner communities, and the full utilization of the high performance compute resources. MSC.Software’s SimManager and SimXpert solutions offer P&G the framework to accomplish each of these goals.”

Future plans include leveraging the best practice templates created by P&G experts in the detailed design phase of new product development by extending their use to key suppliers and engineering partners. This forward thinking approach highlights the value of simulation and the thought leadership of P&G in extending the use of simulation tools, technology, and practices for maximum value and ROI.

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