Integrated Factory Planning for Continued Competitiveness
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Integrated Factory Planning for Continued Competitiveness

Moers, Germany and Pitsford, NY – 30 June 2009: This year at PTC/USER World

2009 visitors were facing some of the biggest economic challenges in the history of the
event. Having the right software in place, and getting the most out of it, was more vital than
ever. CAD Schroer, the global engineering solutions provider and PTC/USER Premier
Partner, demonstrated its Pro/ENGINEER®-integrated drafting and factory layout
software, emphasising that now is the time to optimise processes and cut pre-sales overheads to
maintain strength and competitiveness.

Watch MCADCafe's Interview with CAD Schroer at PTC/USER World 2009:

At its technical presentation entitled “Factory and Process Plant Layout and
Visualization” CAD Schroer showed how customers easily integrate their Pro/ENGINEER® models
in factory layouts created with MPDS4, a tool that addresses the need of turnkey
installation providers and Owner/Operators to deploy 3D quickly and effectively in the
pre-sales stage.

“We spoke to many interested Owner/Operators in areas as diverse as
aerospace, steam turbines, construction and farm machinery providers, who often try to use
their existing 3Dsoftware to model their own factories or the process lines into which they
need to integrate the machinery designed with Pro/ENGINEER®,” says Bill Wilkins, CAD
Schroer’s Sales Manager. “These systems are best-in-class for product design, but not
intended to handle large scale process installations with hundreds of thousands of components.
When people try, models quickly become too big and unwieldy and have to be broken up.
MPDS4 specialises in large-scale design and can handle huge amounts of data. The software
allows customers to easily integrate existing 3D models, making it the ideal companion for
Pro/ENGINEER® users.”


Our customers use MPDS4 with FACTORY LAYOUT to quickly model their factories
and customer installations by including and positioning Pro/ENGINEER models, routing
piping, steelwork, ducting, cabling, HVAC and intelligent connectable equipment. They benefit
from real-time fly-through inspection, consistency checking, collision detection, and rapid
plant layout drawing generation.

Find out more about MPDS4:


Also on show was STHENO/PRO, CAD Schroer's well-known drafting suite for
Pro/ENGINEER users, combining the best of the 2D and 3D worlds. The package is ideal for
quick conceptual designs and consolidating model and drawing-based processes.
Customers easily augment their Pro/ENGINEER designs with additional design elements and
information, non-parametric and not-to-scale. They benefit from additional functionality,
such as color raster editing and scaled views, and a wealth of drafting power tools.
Pro/ENGINEER drawings are updated with the click of a button, and managed in the client's
familiar PDM environment.

Find out more about STHENO/PRO:


CEL International, one of CAD Schroer’s UK customers, uses MPDS4 to design
and deliver large process plants, including this vaccination production facility for a
client in the pharmaceutical/biotech industry

About CAD Schroer

CAD Schroer is a global software development company and engineering
solutions provider, helping to raise the productivity and competitiveness of customers working
in manufacturing and plant design, including the automotive sector and its supply chain, the
energy sector and public utilities. CAD Schroer has offices throughout Germany, Belgium
and the Netherlands, and independent subsidiaries in France, Italy, Switzerland, the
United Kingdom and the United States.

CAD Schroer’s product portfolo includes 2D/3D CAD, plant design , factory
layout and data management solutions. Customers in 39 countries rely on MEDUSA®, MPDS™ und
STHENO/PRO® to provide an efficient, flexible and integrated design environment for all
phases of product or plant design – cutting costs while raising quality. CAD Schroer
emphasises close customer partnerships and supports its clients’ objectives through extensive
consultancy, training, development, software support and maintenance services.

Contact Information


Germany: +49 2841 9184 0
UK: +44 1223 460 408
France: +33 141 94 51 40
Switzerland: +41 44 802 89-80
Italy: +39 02 38303267
USA: +1 585 264 1409 or 866-SCHROER

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