SpecTIR Announces Hyperspectral Data Sets to Assess Coastal Vegetation in the National Wildlife Refuges in the Gulf of Mexico.
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SpecTIR Announces Hyperspectral Data Sets to Assess Coastal Vegetation in the National Wildlife Refuges in the Gulf of Mexico.

October 06, 2010 -- SpecTIR continues the campaign to make available the ProSpecTIR VNIR/SWIR hyperspectral data collected from the Gulf of Mexico coastal wetlands immediately prior to the oil landing onshore.   The data set consists of spectral and spatial  imagery of 2000 sq km of highly sensitive coastal wetlands  of the Gulf.   It can be used as baseline environmental data to aid in future impact assessments, as well as monitor changes to wetlands health, and to assist in the detection and mitigation efforts associated with the oil spill.  

SpecTIR is seeking to support multiple government and commercial clients in their request for hyperspectral imagery of the coastal areas affected by the oil slick.  Geospatial hyperspectral imagery can be used in identifying oil impacted wetland ecosystems.  Images collected over time can be used to detect changes to the wetlands vegetation as a measure of the damage and so it is of crucial importance that pre-impact data be applied in the analysis process.

Mark Landers, president of SpecTIR explains “The hyperspectral sensors allow us to measure small increments of light reflected off the oil and oil covered vegetation.  We use this information to assist in the identification of oil in the wetlands.  Similarly, measuring increments of light reflected off vegetation provides an indication of changes to an ecosystem’s health over time.  We hope to assist in the disaster recovery by guiding cleanup effort in the most susceptible of the wetland communities.”   

In addition, SpecTIR has also made sample hyperspectral data from regions of the Gulf available for download from the website. 

About SpecTIR LLC

SpecTIR LLC is a Small Business with offices in Virginia, Maryland, California, and Nevada.  SpecTIR has its foundation in the specialized design and construction of advanced hyperspectral and polarimetric imaging systems.  Over the past decade, SpecTIR has focused on the collection of hyperspectral data, the generation of imagery products from multiple data sources, and industrial solutions for manufacturing processes. 

SpecTIR offers a full array of remote sensing services along with expertise that ranges from system design, fabrication, calibration, as well as data collection and processing/exploitation of imagery and advanced GIS and spatial data base analysis.  For more information visit www.spectir.com or contact Bill Bernard at Email Contact and 410 820 5591.