ASUS Selects Pixelworks’ Iris Mobile Display Processor and True Clarity Enhancements For ZenPad Tablet
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ASUS Selects Pixelworks’ Iris Mobile Display Processor and True Clarity Enhancements For ZenPad Tablet

New Hero ZenPad to feature Pixelworks’ mobile display processing technology to deliver industry standard-setting image enhancement features

SAN JOSE, Calif. — (BUSINESS WIRE) — June 1, 2015 — Pixelworks, Inc. (NASDAQ: PXLW), an innovative provider of video display processing technology, today announced that the new ASUS Hero ZenPad is the world’s first tablet to incorporate Pixelworks’ True Clarity display enhancements. The Hero ZenPad features ASUS’ Tru2Life display technology delivering a full, rich mobile user experience. Pixelworks’ True Clarity powers the display, offering increased realism and enabling the display to perform its full potential. By taking advantage of this and other True Clarity enhancements, the Hero ZenPad makes the most of its crisp 2048x1536 pixel screen. With the introduction of this product, ASUS has set a new industry benchmark for clarity, sharpness, and usability for next-generation mobile displays.

“In terms of the realism of its images and the resulting viewing experience, the new Hero tablet stands alone,” said Mr. Samson Hu, head of ASUS’ Tablet business unit. “We are very pleased with the features and picture quality enhancements provided by Pixelworks’ True Clarity.”

Currently, higher resolution mobile screens without video processing make judder, motion blur, and other annoying visual artifacts more visible, leading to potential eyestrain and viewing fatigue. Without display processing technology to make the most of the picture quality on these smaller, high-resolution screens, the mobile viewing experience will continue to fall short of optimal performance.

Based on Pixelworks’ industry-leading mobile display processing technology, True Clarity works at the pixel level to dramatically improve the mobile viewing experience by removing these video artifacts. This advanced technology is the foundation of Pixelworks’ Iris family of products. As a result of these enhancements, Pixelworks’ True Clarity improves all aspects of the mobile viewing experience, including gaming, video, photos, web browsing and productivity.

Some of the key Pixelworks True Clarity enhancements in the Hero ZenPad are:

Blur-free, Smooth Video – Scientific studies have shown that the human eye can perceive finer detail in moving images than in still images. True Clarity resolves motion blur and other image quality issues that prevent current mobile displays from showing the full capability of their high-resolution displays.

Clean, Sharp Images and Better Game Play – Delivering the best image isn’t just about providing more pixels. True Clarity uses sophisticated image processing and contrast management technologies that render a sharp, clean image to bring out all the details necessary for more realistic game play.

Enhanced Usability – Mobile devices operate in a wide range of lighting conditions, from dark rooms to the sunny outdoors. True Clarity automatically compensates for ambient lighting, allowing clear, bright viewing in the greatest possible range of viewing conditions.

“We are excited to announce our partner, ASUS, an innovative leader in the mobile device market, has selected Iris and its True Clarity enhancements for their new Hero ZenPad,” said Bruce Walicek, Pixelworks President and CEO. “This is the first tablet to fully take advantage of today’s high resolution screens, delivering all the smooth video, sharp contrast, rich color and full detail these screens are capable of. This tablet will set the standard for the mobile viewing experience and will change how these devices are made, sold and used.”

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Pixelworks creates, develops and markets video display processing technology for digital video applications that demand the very highest quality images. At design centers around the world, Pixelworks engineers constantly push video performance to keep manufacturers of consumer electronics, mobile devices and professional displays worldwide on the leading edge. The company is headquartered in San Jose, CA.

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