ORSoC and AsiusTech form strategic partnership
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ORSoC and AsiusTech form strategic partnership

January 21, 2009 — With the background of strong personal cooperation in the past, ORSoC and AsiusTech have decided to form an official partnership combining open source IP technology (from OpenCores) with cost optimization to create a cost effective design technology service.

The expertise within ORSoC and AsiusTech complement each other extremely well. ORSoC has unique expertise within SoC design, including FPGA and ASIC development, based on open source IP cores. AsiusTech has extensive experience in the area of product cost optimization.

ORSoC is established as the number one company working with open source IP cores in FPGA and ASIC design, which gives huge benefits during the entire product life cycle – cost, life time, vendor independency, etc.

AsiusTech will contribute with its expertise in cost optimization processes and strong experience of analysis, design and manufacturing of electronics products.

The partnership is aimed at demonstrating the joint forces of the companies to the market and also enables effective project resources to be allocated for our customers.

“There is a huge interest of using open source alternatives right now. Cost reduction is one important aspect, but even more important is the independence of specific components/vendors to assure the cost optimization during the entire product life cycle. Together with AsiusTech we can offer the customer a wider scope and optimize the total product cost and the process for manufacturing. This partnership is expected to result in a very positive outcome for our customers”, says Johan Rilegård, ORSoC.

“When looking for cost effective ASIC & FPGA technologies, we find the cooperation with ORSoC to be an outstanding partnership for us. We expect that our customers want the increased vendor independency, legacy CPU support for processors near end-of-life and short implementation time”, says Håkan Dahlbom, AsiusTech.

About AsiusTech

AsiusTech has a long experience of Value Engineering from within one of the major EMS companies in the world. The company offers an electronics design portfolio with product cost optimization as a specialist service. With a background ranging from high volume products and cost reduction studies, to everything from telecom infrastructure and consumer products, AsiusTech help customers to increase or maintain their margins.

About ORSoC

ORSoC is an expert consultancy in FPGA and ASIC design. We have significant experience conducting complex SoC design including FPGA and ASIC development. ORSoC is also the owner and maintainer of OpenCores (the number one community for development of open source hardware IP cores). ORSoC has unique knowledge and experience of SoC design based on open source IPs. Thanks to a proprietary design (EDA) tool we can assure flexible and swift projects regardless of design complexity.


Håkan Dahlbom
CEO, Asius Hardware Technology AB
Phone: +46 733 67 5118,
E-mail: Email Contact

Johan Rilegård
Phone: +46 70 824 80 30,
E-mail: Email Contact