Fluent Releases FloWizard V2 For Rapid Flow Modeling And Design Validation
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Fluent Releases FloWizard V2 For Rapid Flow Modeling And Design Validation

Fluent Inc., a recognized leader in computational fluid dynamics (CFD), announced the immediate release of FloWizard V2. FloWizard leads in "rapid flow modeling" a flexible approach to CFD simulation that allows for accurate and quick engineering design validation much earlier in the product development cycle. FloWizard V2 builds on the success of the product's 2004 debut, which already gained a strong following in the design engineering community worldwide.

"Where CFD is still often perceived as a complex, scientific discipline, FloWizard now brings the ability to rapidly model flows to all stages in the product design process," said Paul Bemis, Vice President of Marketing at Fluent. "With the release of FloWizard V2, and its availability on our unique Remote Simulation Facility (RSolve), we can now offer flow modeling solutions on large parallel clusters starting at only $7000 per year (US). Offering such a fully integrated solution using a 'pay as you go' delivery subscription service is yet another 'industry first' introduced by Fluent in the CAE industry."

FloWizard V2 introduces many new features, including CAD integration features that will benefit Unigraphics, SolidWorks, and Solid Edge users. Designs created using these tools can now be read directly without translation to intermediate, generic CAD file formats. New CAD and mesh file import formats are CATIA V5, NASTRAN, PATRAN, and ANSYS, ensuring compatibility with all major CAE software. Additional enhancements in FloWizard V2 are compressible flow physics, heat exchanger models, and new post-processing features including iso-surfaces, arbitrary plane cuts, and point probes, thus extending the range of problems that can be analyzed by designers. The new Web-based access to Fluent's remote simulation facility brings highly secure supercomputer performance to design engineers' desktops from anywhere in the world, freeing up their workstations for other tasks.

FloWizard is Fluent's revolutionary, general-purpose rapid flow modeling software. FloWizard's unique interface was created based on extensive usability studies at major corporations and it incorporates hundreds of years of in-house applied CFD experience from Fluent's worldwide experts. Its goal is to make the use of CFD among designers just as fast, easy and common as CAD software is today. FloWizard has been adopted in industrial corporations globally as the rapid flow modeling standard in their design departments.

By rapidly modeling fluid flows to determine a product's performance earlier in the design process, FloWizard users need fewer physical prototypes, can identify optimum designs sooner, and increase the efficiencies of their designs and engineering processes. Break-through rapid flow modeling features of FloWizard include "Guide Me" features; collaboration; automatic geometry clean up and meshing; flow volume extraction; a fully automated flow model setup and solution process; and automated post-processing, data extraction and report generation.

"Fluent has radically lowered the entry barriers to the broad based use of flow modeling with FloWizard V2," said Andre Bakker, the FloWizard Product Manager at Fluent. "It guides the user to rapidly turn a CAD model into a fluid flow analysis model. Gone are the long timeframes and considerable start-up costs associated with other companies' CFD software, thanks to FloWizard's high-level of automation and the new RSolve option."

Like all types of CAE software tools, CFD is being used earlier and more often in the product development process for design simulation, testing, and validation. Fluent is the world's largest provider of CFD software that is used for simulation, visualization, and analysis of fluid flow, heat and mass transfer, and chemical reactions - all complex processes and phenomena to deal with.

FloWizard is an automated flow modeling tool that lets non-specialists validate designs early in the product development cycle. FloWizard can be used to analyze fluid flow and heat transfer problems throughout development. Especially helpful for the non-specialist is FloWizard's user interface designed for ease of use, can be customized to meet specific needs.

One of the unique aspects of FloWizard is how it guides you through the entire flow simulation process. You begin by reading a CAD model. From there you are guided by the software that has automatic alerts for catching any suspicious inputs or questionable results and guides you on how to correct them.

FloWizard replaces complex CFD concepts and jargon with clear, logical questions. Based on these inputs, FloWizard chooses the appropriate mathematical models. The results are automatically output as HTML reports that can be brought into a spreadsheet or other data analysis software. This guidance that allows for more reliable answers, regardless of the user's flow modeling experience, is one of the things that sets FloWizard apart.

It also offers peer-to-peer collaboration. With this feature, you can connect to a shared session with others in your organization, or you can connect with third parties, or business partners. You can transfer control of the session to any participating user, who can then make changes, which are seen by all. Each user retains the capability to change the view of the geometry, look at parameters and properties, and view results.

The company claims that no matter what CAD software you use, FloWizard can handle its geometry. Automated tools help you in extracting the flow volume, simplifying the geometry by removing unwanted details, and creating the computational mesh. If you already use meshing software, FloWizard can read in complete computational meshes also. FloWizard fits into your design and engineering process.

On the service side, with FloWizard you can shift computationally-intensive tasks away from your computer to Fluent's remote simulation facility (RSolve). This service improves efficiency because it reduces turnaround time by running large calculations on a parallel computing cluster. The "pay-as-you-go" model lets you purchase CPU time to run your simulations on Fluent's parallel computers via a secure, high bandwidth communications link.

For upward compatibility, FloWizard generates files that are compatible with Fluent's flagship CFD software, FLUENT This capability lets you move back and forth between FloWizard and FLUENT as dictated by fidelity needs or the complexity of the analysis for detailed virtual prototyping.

All in all, a comprehensive means for performing CFD.

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