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November 08, 2010
PTC Introduces Creo Design Software
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Jeff Rowe - Managing Editor

by Jeff Rowe - Contributing Editor
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PTC unveiled Creo design software. Creo is being designed as a scalable suite of interoperable, open, and easy-to-use product design apps. The Creo vision and strategy, first introduced in June at the PTC/USER World Event as Project Lightning, recognizes that product development involves many different users with different needs at different points in the product lifecycle. Unlike solutions to date, Creo is designed to remedy lingering, unaddressed problems that have plagued CAD for decades.

“Creo is being specifically created to solve the big problems remaining in the mechanical CAD market: usability, interoperability, assembly management and technology lock-in,” said James E. Heppelmann, president and CEO, PTC. “By providing the right-size product design apps for each participant in a company's extended product development team, Creo will enable more people to participate earlier and more fully in the product development process, significantly expanding innovation capacity.”

“Historically companies have made significant investments in CAD applications that bind them into inflexible business processes and design practices dictated by the specific visual authoring or simulation application that they pick. PTC's game-changing vision to release a highly flexible CAD application in a new code base, while sticking to existing file formats under the Creo portfolio, is expected to rejuvenate the mature CAD market and open up a path for non-PTC CAD users to move easily on a flexible visual design platform,” says Sanjeev Pal, research manager, IDC.

Highlights of planned apps include:

“We believe Creo could be significant and a positive advance in PTC's product offerings.” said Mike Galbraith, Global Engineering Systems & Services, Tyco Electronics. Creo could allow the teams involved in designing new products and bringing them to market...across different functions, different locations, etc... to productively use the same toolset throughout the product life-cycle process. We're looking forward to working with PTC and their other partners in shaping these new capabilities."

“Creo is being designed to allow product development organizations to do what they do best - innovate and develop great products free from the constraints imposed by the tools they depend on,” said Brian Shepherd, EVP Product Development, PTC. “Many customers are trapped by legacy tools and locked into technologies that may no longer meet their needs. High switching costs make it difficult to migrate to a new technology, application or vendor and retire old tools. “We expect Creo will eliminate the pressure to standardize on a single vendor or technology platform.”

Heppelmann concluded, “By leveraging a core set of technology assets unique to PTC, we are once again redefining a market plagued by seemingly insurmountable challenges.”

Existing Brands

PTC's current design software product families and associated modules, extensions and packages are being rebranded in alignment with the functional capabilities provided by each product.

Data created in these applications will be fully upwards compatible with the Creo family of products.

PTC expects Creo1.0 to be available during mid-year 2011. The timing of any product release, and any features or functionality thereof, are subject to change at PTC's discretion.

To learn more about Creo, visit http://creo.ptc.com.

Commentary By Jeffrey Rowe, Editor

We ventured to Boston for a day to witness a new technology (known for the past several months as Project Lightning) that PTC had been promising would influence the MCAD market for the next 20 years with its vision. Needless to say that's a pretty strong statement, and I'll admit I was more than just a little bit skeptical about the claim. However, my opinion changed to a much more positive one as the day progressed.

PTC's new CEO, Jim Heppelmann, kicked off the day's event with a question - “Is the CAD market mature and are all the problems associated with it solved? No,” he said. According to Heppelmann, some of the big problems that remain unsolved include interoperability, the fact that CAD products are still too difficult to learn and use, and the inability to switch between CAD and related products.

With AnyRoleApps Creo provides a special purpose-built app for industrial designers.

PTC hopes to address these and other CAD problems with the introduction of Creo (the Latin root word for “create”)- PTC's next generation suite of simple applications (or apps) for design, visualization, and collaboration. Creo is built from the elements of Pro/ENGINEER, CoCreate, and ProductView. It is intended to deliver a common user experience across the apps and leverages a common data model and a common PLM backbone based on Windchill. According to PTC, Creo is an enterprise CAD and PLM tool for what the company calls product configuration modeling. It promises to allow for better utilization of product data offering CAD for casual users, but will provide more than just visualization.

All of the apps that were discussed and shown on stage were later demonstrated “live” at the Technology Bar PTC had put together. Creo partners - Luxion, Simpoe, and Vistagy - also were on hand to demonstrate their software applications running inside the Creo interface. Since Creo is a so-called open system, I expect to see a lot of partners sign up for the program.

Creo provides a visualization and markup application for anyone in the design process.

PTC stressed that its current products, Pro/ENGINEER, CoCreate and ProductView, are not being discontinued, but are being renamed. Capabilities from these products are being further developed and will continue to live on as elements in future Creo releases. Current products including Pro/ENGINEER, CoCreate, and ProductView (which are being rebranded) will be upward compatible with Creo and will continue to be maintained in accordance with PTC's standard maintenance service terms and conditions.

Creo's AnyDataAdoption lets users incorporate data from any CAD system.

Creo 1.0 is expected to be available in mid-year 2011, and a beta version of the product is expected to be available in Spring 2011 (in English only). The pricing and packaging for Creo were not available at the event, but PTC said it might create an online app store (a la Apple) to sell the applications.

Incorporate 2D data in any 3D mode with Creo's AnyMode Modeling.

While the presentations for Creo were impressive, Creo is a major platform shift that is not without risks, and a lot of questions still need answering. The success of Creo will be totally dependent, short term and long term, on how well PTC executes and delivers what has been promised, as well as how well the apps work together. That said, however, I have to admit that at least for now the excitement is back at PTC, something it really hasn't had for a long time. Creo ushers in what I'll call the beginning of the “Heppelmann Era” at PTC and I'm looking forward to experiencing the new apps for myself as they become available for review.

The Week's Top 5

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Luxion supports PTC Creo
Luxion announced that it was selected by PTC as a launch partner for “Project Lightning,” now known as Creo. Luxion demonstrated the integration of Creo and KeyShot at the launch event in Boston, MA. “Selecting Luxion as a launch partner enables us to demonstrate that Creo in combination with Luxion's KeyShot rendering technology allows other members of the community such as sales and marketing to be involved early in the design process and utilize the digital data directly for the creation of product imagery,” said Michael Campbell, PTC's Divisional Vice President of Design and Visualization Products. Luxion will continue to support the PTC customer base by providing the ability to import Pro/ENGINEER data (now known as Creo Elements/Pro) natively into KeyShot on both PC and Mac. In addition, Luxion offers a plug-in for Pro/ENGINEER that provides a dynamic link between Pro/ENGINEER and KeyShot. This plug-in is available to all KeyShot customers free of charge from the KeyShot website.

Aras Explains PLM Cloud Strategy
Aras announced its PLM cloud strategy that is designed to deliver enterprise PLM technology for the cloud, and provide global companies with the ability to securely leverage cloud-based data, services and analytics in the PLM workflow to enable new, more effective ways for global companies to conduct business. The initial phase of the Aras strategy is based on the company's cloud-ready platform technology and open-source business model, which together, are suited for large-scale deployments in the private cloud environments of multinational corporations and global systems integrators. Aras is a true cloud architecture that runs on the latest virtualization technologies and partitions well for distributed deployments where compute resources are automatically provisioned for elastic scalability. Partitioning also enables a wide variety of deployment scenarios including highly secure hybrid deployments where replicated file vaults remain on-premise behind the firewall while application servers operate in the cloud. The model-based SOA framework makes Aras capable of running in a multi-tenant scenario as well where a single system has different customizations and vaults for each organization and where upgrades can be conducted during continued operation without impacting system modifications. Web services federation enables secure connections to other systems whether located on-site or in the cloud. As data sets “of record” continue to expand in the cloud, such as online parts / component databases and other third-party sources, the ability for end users to securely access and bring information to the point of use in the right context during the PLM workflow represents a powerful new approach to achieve greater agility and productivity. Additionally, services and analytics available through cloud APIs such as specification analysis, compliance validation and BPO product engineering services will further drive process innovation.

Altair Engineering Shows Significant Growth in the Global Aerospace Market
Altair Engineering, Inc. announced a 30 percent year-over-year revenue growth in the global aerospace market. A number of European aerospace OEMs and suppliers will discuss their use of Altair's HyperWorks suite of computer-aided engineering (CAE) tools in presentations at the 2010 European HyperWorks Technology Conference (HTC). The 4th annual European HTC highlighted the latest trends, developments and applications in the field of enterprise CAE and showcased cutting-edge methods, applications and industry examples of CAE-driven innovations. Presentations from Altair aerospace customers - including Airbus, MT Aerospace, AugustaWestland, EADS and Eurocopter -examined how the aerospace industry is leveraging structural design optimization and simulation technology to drive innovation, weight reduction and improved designs. HyperWorks offers a suite of CAE tools for minimum-weight design, stress analysis, and mechanism and vulnerability simulation for metallic and composite structures. Aerospace customers that have employed HyperWorks and its simulation-driven design processes, enabled by a strategic combination of Altair experience, technology and methods, have reported an average of 15 percent weight reduction for products while shortening the product design and development cycle by up to 50 percent

ANSYS 13.0 Built for Fidelity, Speed and Power
ANSYS, Inc. announced the launch of ANSYS 13.0, the newest release of its engineering simulation technology suite designed to optimize product development processes. The advanced technology behind ANSYS 13.0 includes hundreds of new features that make it possible for users to bring new products to market, with confidence in the results they will achieve. ANSYS 13.0 delivers new benefits in three major areas:

Alibre Launches Next Generation 3D Design software -- Alibre Design 2011
Alibre Inc. announced the release of its latest version, Alibre Design 2011. Alibre Design 2011 now makes 3D designing easier and more robust with major enhancements, including a complete top to bottom code re-write, native 64-bit version, powerful sheet metal conversion tools, and a myriad of time saving tools and customization features. Available immediately for download at: www.alibre.com/store. With prices starting at $99 for Personal Edition (PE), $699 for Professional, and $1399 for Expert, Alibre Design 2011 brings the power of 3D CAD design to everyone, from DIYers, inventors, tinkerers, entrepreneurs, designers, engineers and scientists. New Alibre Design 2011 Features Include:

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